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Mon, April 22

Mars? How about we focus on some roads first? (Letter)

In the past few weeks I have heard mention about the U.S. wanting to send a manned expedition to Mars. The trip would take seven months. I thought, "How ridiculous. They have been to the moon a few times. What more do they want?" Those trips to the moon cost billions of dollars. A trip to Mars will cost trillions.

If the U.S. wants to spend some money, why not spend some money on our nation's highways and our bridges? A big share of our highways and bridges are in bad shape.

Look at that disaster a few years ago up in Minneapolis. They were told three or four years before that happened that the bridge was in bad need of attention. That was as far as it got. Look what happened. Thirteen people died, not to mention all of the people that were injured.

A few days ago I went up to Las Vegas and back on Highway 93. That road is in bad shape. I think it is time to start writing to our elected officials in Washington and let them know that a lot of our highways and bridges need to be repaired.

Sometime back I heard on the news that a bridge in Wisconsin was in such bad shape that a school bus driver wouldn't drive over it with children on the bus. She stopped and had the children get off, then she would drive the bus slowly across the bridge. When she got across she walked across the bridge to get the children. That is inexcusable, to let a bridge get in that kind of shape.

I say that going to Mars should be forgotten about, and get our nation's highways and bridges in top shape.

Ronney L. Case

Golden Valley


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