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Tue, Jan. 21

Beyond the Mainstream Media: The Truth About Fetal Cell Research

Liberals will go to any length to defend killing the unborn. It came up again this week with a guest on the Alan Colmes radio show where they both defended abortion because the "remnants" of abortion save so many "already living" people. Well, not exactly.

They even brought up old U.S. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders and her observation that conservatives have a love affair with the fetus. Neither of the three even understood that fetus is a word used for "baby." Hello!

The falsehoods begin with Planned Parenthood and others of their ilk arguing that fetal cell research is being used to find stem-cell therapies against Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease, blindness, diabetes and HIV. Wow! All the more reason to keep killing the unborn.

Maureen L. Condic, associate professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Utah School of Medicine argues that Planned Parenthood's claim we need aborted babies for life saving medical research is just false.

Writing in National Review, Condic explains that the majority of those therapies have come from stem cells that are isolated from birth-related material and/or adult tissue. The successes have been so great with adult stem cells, fetal tissue research is absolutely unnecessary.

And stem cell research being needed for vaccine development? Condic explains in the 1960s and '70s, fetal cells were used to produce transformed cell lines due to our limited knowledge at the time. Fetal cells were easier to propagate prior to transformation. Using current technology, adult cells are easily transformed in a similar manner, having identical properties to fetal-derived cell lines. In other words, there is no need at all for using fetal tissue now.

Condic continues. There is a difference between a "need" for fetal organs and a "market" for it. People pay good money for cigarettes, hallucinogenic drugs, fatty snacks, all things we don't need and that may, in fact, be harmful to us. But these products cannot be ennobled by a pretense that they satisfy a basic need ... such as food or clean water. It's simply supplying a demand. Such is the case in the sale of baby parts.

In the abortion industry, there is big money to be made in fetal research. One fetus (baby) can bring $850 and a vial packed with pure stem cells will bring more than $20,000. We saw the price haggling on the undercover Planned Parenthood videos that liberals refuse to accept.

In the National Institute of Health's database of clinical trials for fetal stem cells, there are only 21 funded human trials currently, with only two actually using transplantation of fetal stem cells. However, there are 5,072 trials using non-fetal cells which work equally well.

In our country, now filled with crass, coarse, unrefined language and behavior, it's time we face some truths before it's too late.

The abortion industry is now and always has been about money and lies. Roe v Wade was based on lies. The woman in question never had an abortion, legal or illegal, but was selected and used by two far-left wing feminazis who were dead set on making it a right to kill your own unborn child to cover your own sin and prevent your life from being disrupted by that sin. In other words, Godless women. The woman they used became a pro-life Christian and has spent her life trying to uncover the lies behind Roe v Wade.

Had Roe really been based on an effort to help the pregnant woman, those involved would have encouraged the woman to keep her baby or put it up for adoption. If the choice was to keep it, they would have provided homes, layettes and other help for the pregnant woman as Christians have been doing for years, me included.

No, it was based entirely on selfishness and an effort to get out of personal responsibility caused by our own actions; a stepping away from our Christian moorings. If a couple chose to go against God's perfect plan - the family - and have pre-marital sex resulting in a pregnancy, the man did the noble and Godly thing and married the woman, giving the child a home and a chance. That's all gone now.

As the years since Roe's inception have rolled by and it has become clear that the act of killing one's own progeny has destroyed so many women, the big abortion mills like Planned Parenthood that stepped in to make a mint off of our new world of lost morals and free love are now singing a new tune.

That new tune is that we need those baby parts to save the living. We run into the street to save a wandering puppy or child, but we chop up and sell the unborn child while trying to convince the world how needed their parts are for the living, as if the unborn are not living.

Another big Planned Parenthood lie. A pregnant girl sitting in a PP office is never told she has choices. The infant she is carrying can be adopted by a family desperate for a child, or she can wait until after an ultrasound before making a final decision. That's anathema to Planned Parenthood training. There are no dollars to be made if the girl does not have the abortion.

To hell with the lifetime of shame and guilt all too many women live with after having abortions.

To hell with the botched abortions that are hidden away, and to hell with the women who died during them.

To hell with the fact many women having an abortion are later unable to have another child.

And to hell with the fact abortion leads directly to a higher incidence of cancer in women.

The end result of slaughtering 60 million unborn American children has had terrible consequences on our country. We have become more unloving, more uncaring. The amount of abuse on children already born is staggering but not a surprise: When you cease to recognize the God-given miracle of babies not yet born, it cheapens babies already here.

And while we abort a million American babies a year, we let in millions from other countries who have no clue of our founding, how our country works, what we used to stand for. And unlike our Founders, we don't even demand that those millions coming in learn our ways. So while our own American babies are thrown on garbage heaps, foreigners take over.

America is on the brink of destruction. Abortion is a big part of it, for God has obviously lifted His hand off our country because we have indicated in every way that we no longer want His guidance.

They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind. Hosea 8:7. We have sown to please our own flesh. That will reap destruction for us.

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