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Fri, April 26

Beyond the Mainstream Media: How Revisionist History in Current Schoolbooks Lead Our Children Astray

As everything BUT Christianity and conservatism slowly take over our country, it's not too hard to figure out why so many of today's young people have turned to thinking that would astound the founders of this country; taking them to a place those founders never intended. One big offender is revisionist history, now taught in nearly every American public school book.

The end result is all too many young people with no moorings, no morals and no sense of pride at the real truth behind this, the most prosperous, most giving, most fair and noble nation the world has ever known ... well, up until recent years.

Consider our first document, the Mayflower Compact which referred to coming here to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Most school books now completely leave that out, instead putting dots in place of the correct words.

Consider most young people think we were founded by white people, filled with greed, who came to steal the land from the Indians. Always left out is the fact, the first people to come made some of the greatest treaties with many Indians, treaties that lasted longer than anywhere else on Earth. Treaties the Indians liked. Also left out, Indians didn't believe in land ownership. In fact, nowhere on earth did people own land ... that is, until the American founding. Governments, kings, etc., always owned all the land.

Consider, most young people think the Founders were old white men who were racist slave owners because that's what our schools books lead them to believe. First, most of the great Founders we know by name weren't old, they were very young. Some spoke five languages. When they fought the British, many used every last dime of their own money to do so. Often their homes were burnt to the ground, their wives and children killed. I recall one who was wealthy with a large family who lost everything. He never even found his children, his wife was killed, home and money gone and he ended up living in a cave. They gave their all for this new experiment in the world called "freedom." The very last thing they ever were was greedy.

Slavery was pushed on America by England. It was our Founders' Christianity and knowledge from their Bibles that all men are created equal that led to the north freeing all slaves by 1790 and, some 60 years later, fighting a civil war to free those in the South when slave owners there refused to comply.

Some of the most brutal, ruthless battles in history were fought during the civil war. The toll in physical injuries and lost limbs is astounding, all done because white men wanted black men in America free. It's not in the school history books of today. Neither is the fact, many blacks in the north ran for and served in our Senate before the Civil War was even fought.

Consider what is generally taught about the Salem witch trials. Horrible, over-zealous Christians killing poor people they wrongly considered were into witchcraft. What is not told is that there were about 28 killed and the entire affair went on for about 20 months. Also not told is the fact similar witch trials were going on all over Europe at the same time. The number put to death there, including England and Germany, was 500,000 and it lasted for decades before it was finally stopped.

What stopped it here? Three pastors faced off with those responsible and pointed out in the Bible, people accused are supposed to receive due process according to God, and these poor people were not getting it. The main person involved repented before the people and God, asking all for forgiveness for what he had done.

And then there is George Washington, always called a deist in today's schoolbooks along with many other founders. In fact, those who have tried could come up with only five or less deists over all the years of our founding. Washington always used terms like Providence when referring to God and His glory. So the new revisionists, without ever studying the lengthy paper trail of George Washington which showed he was, above all things, one of the most devout Christians in our founding, decided words like Providence were words only used by deists - therefore, he had to be a deist.

Deism, in a nutshell, is a belief that God created everything, then left us to our own devices, not interfering in our everyday lives. Anyone who has even vaguely studied Washington knows, he was often seen off in the snow at Valley Forge, on his knees in deep prayer ... undoubtedly asking God to intervene on their behalf in their battle with the English. The very thing deism doesn't include is God's intervention in everyday life. Washington was not a deist.

As far as Providence and the Great Architect and similar references to God by George Washington and other founders, they can be verified by the most popular Bible used in that day, the Geneva Bible - and it was filled with the very terms the founders used to refer to God. Not deist talk at all, it was pure Bible talk.

If you go to Wikipedia, I admit, a very bad place to get information since anyone can go in and change anything they want, but nevertheless, is used by so many, you will note under deism that Thomas Jefferson and other founders are listed as deists. That is completely in error, especially on Jefferson. Wikipedia even accuses him of writing his own Bible (something they feel deists would do); now known as the Jefferson Bible.

Actually, what Jefferson did was cut out all the New Testament "red letter" parts as we call the words of Jesus from another Bible. He put it together as a 46 page book for the Indians to learn of Jesus Christ and called it "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth."

Frankly, it wouldn't be a bad idea to re-print it and hand it out to today's young people, now that I think about it.

Jefferson never called himself a deist, he called himself a Christian. As president, he signed a treaty with the Kaskaskia Indian tribe which provided, at government expense, Christian missionaries to the Indians.

And all the presidents not only allowed but had and attended church services themselves in the government buildings in Washington D.C. But now we cannot even mention the name of Jesus in a school since the schoolbooks now erroneously teach we have "separation of church and state" which, of course, we do not nor have we ever had.

If we do not turn this country around soon, I fear it will simply be too late for us.


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