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Mon, April 22

It's all the Rage

So, what is it that pushes your buttons? I think we all feel deeply about certain issues. For myself, I have to say that people who do not spay or neuter their pets are certainly at the top of my hit list. Those who insist on buying dogs and cats from breeders or pet shops instead of shelters can also get my nose out of joint.

No matter how calm we remain for much of our adult lives, there are always certain things that bring out the beast in us! For some, it is a whole bunch of little things. People who show up late tick off many a host. Kids who behave like untrained animals at a restaurant, does it for some. The degree of anger can vary from shaking your head to feeling the blood rush to your brain.

Most of the time, we can control these episodes of rage. Sometimes we cannot. I recently experienced a moment of rage where I felt that I could easily cause physical harm to another. I had to pick up a prescription at a local pharmacy that shall remain nameless. It was a very hot day, (surprise!) and of course I was walking there.

I grabbed the co-payment money to pick of the medication for Sister and just come right back. Mind you, Sister has many medications at this pharmacy that I pick up on a regular basis.

When I arrived at the pharmacy counter, I was ten cents short! I grabbed two nickels as part of the co-payment, and should have picked up two dimesIn any case, I ended up shortI realized my mistake as soon as I put the money on the counter. I explained my situation to the pharmacy clerk, and begged that I might bring the ten cents back the next morning. She was not havin' it!

"Sorry," she said. "I can't open the drawer without the exact amount!"

As luck would have it, there was not a single customer behind me who I could have asked to help me out. When I realized the hopelessness of the situation, I gave up and went home. As I mentioned it was very hot outside, but by this time it was all about getting it done! I picked up the exact amount I needed and headed back to the pharmacy.

When I arrived at the pharmacy counter for the second time, I could feel the perspiration dripping down my face. There were four people busy behind the counter. The lady who originally had HELPED me, was logging in some kind of medications into a book. The other three were doing what I call "busy work", which usually means waiting for someone else to go to the counter. I stood there for what seemed like forever, and not one single employee even acknowledged I was there. I looked around and interestingly, I was again the only customer. After being ignored a little longer, the anger made its way to the brain. Perhaps it was the heat, or maybe that no one would let me slide on the 10 cents. Who knows?

With the loudest voice I could bring up from deep inside, I said, "Helloooooo" and no one made eye contact with me, still! I then said (in what was probably a frightening tone), "I just walked six blocks in the boiling sun for the second time today. I have my 10 cents this time and want my medication NOW!"

As you can well imagine, no one wanted to deal with me at this point. One brave soul, not the original one, shuffled to the counter. She did NOT make eye contact with me at all, but at this point I imagine she was too scared. I paid my money, got the medication and went on my way.

Now most people who know me would say that this was really out of character for me. They would be right. Perhaps it was the heat, perhaps it was the fact that there was no one around to help me out with the 10 cents, as I have done that for strangers many times for a lot more than ten cents. When I shared this experience with my son, he said he would keep an eye out for me on YouTube. "Crazy lady goes off at pharmacy" or something of that nature.

I suppose we all have moments that we do not behave in the most appropriate manner. However, I was quite pleased with myself that day. I am certain that I scared the crap out of the people working there. When you live in a community where people can carry guns, there is always that fear when a crazy lady is at the counter that she could be armed.

Under the right circumstances, I think all of us can feel this kind of rage. Just the other day I saw a young man walking a dog when it was 107 outside. The dog kept pulling on the leash to get off the asphalt and at least onto the sidewalk. It was obvious that his feet were burning! I finally yelled at the dumb guy walking the dog.

"Why don't you take off your shoes and socks and walk on the asphalt?" I said.

He of course was clueless and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Your dog’s feet are burning on the street, you idiot! You don't get that?"

The moron just gave me a hand gesture and continued on. Of course I wanted to follow him and hold his bare feet on the pavement, but I did control my rage.

I am usually the first one to tell others to "pick your battles." You cannot make every single inconvenience into something monumental. As for myself, I find that it is when I see what I consider to be an injustice of some kind happening to someone else, that I get the most angered. I become very brave when I am trying to protect someone, or something that is not my own.

We have all heard of road rage. That craziness that takes over while you are driving your vehicle. That need to "catch" someone and punish them for being stupid. Of course we can't allow that to happen. And we already know stupid cannot be fixed.

I already know exactly what things push my buttons, and could possibly turn me into a temporary whack job. I am curious about what things bring on rage, for others. What do you think could cause YOU to become that crazy lady at the pharmacy. Or worse?


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