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Sat, Feb. 22

Letter: Trump is truly dangerous

If, by some miracle, Donald Trump would start acting like a presidential candidate rather than a late-night entertainer, it might not be too late to save his candidacy. He has already shown his true colors, his true temperament, his true inexperience and ignorance of foreign policy and his true desire to alienate our allies.

If Trump was forced to read speeches from teleprompters, as the GOP is trying to get him to do, everyone would know that those spoken words were not really his words or sentiments, and his supporters/fans would soon tire of his “establishment” mode of rhetoric – they would no longer be entertained by Trump as they are now. His audiences love Trump’s vileness, his vulgarities and his insulting and hate-filled rhetoric. I’m not so sure that Trump’s audiences would be as adoring of Trump if he became a stiff-shirt forced to “stay on script.” He would be just another Washington political plutocrat, the very kind of person that his supporters are against.

For those of us who could never fathom voting for Trump, including people in his own party, know that if Trump changes his rhetoric and stays on script now, we would be watching and listening to, not the real Trump, but a contrived, forced-to-be-presidential fraud. And if he was, by yet another miracle, elected, he would revert back to the real Trump and renew his insults and attacks on everyone, everything and every country.

According to Joe Scarborough, a former Republican representative, Trump asked three times during an hour-long briefing by a foreign policy expert, “If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them if I become president?” This is downright scary. And, as many people are now questioning Trump’s mental health and stability, do we really want this man to have access to the nuclear codes?

I’m not suggesting that Trump supporters vote for Hillary Clinton. Vote for a third party candidate. Write in Mickey Mouse. Anyone but Trump, and take to heart just how dangerous this man truly is.

Lori Gabriel-Dane


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