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Tue, Jan. 28

Guest Column: A Sept. 11 protest against ‘royalty’

I am so frustrated with so much of what continues to go on with politics in our country. Week after week, day after day we see our political leaders morphing into royalty. Above the little people, the commoners, the unwashed masses. Us. They write the laws that make the rules that we all must live by while they exempt themselves from any of the minutia that might infringe on or taint their high importance. Thus all the support for changing well established, lifelong accepted “career politicians” and moving toward a “throw the bums out” mentality.

There are many of us regular folks who keeping hoping, even praying that this too will pass. But alas, our beloved country that has always stood for liberty, justice or even just plain old common sense is not so slowly sliding into the abyss, and so many of us have come to the point of being distressed and overwhelmed by it all. What can those of us busy with lives and jobs and families do? We continue in our concern and frustration seemingly without response or hope of even being heard.

Now our leaders, the defenders of our liberty, those who are granted our trust and confidence to oversee and uphold the rule of law, have at this point betrayed us to the nth degree. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, supposedly one of the most honorable, unbiased, thorough, trustworthy agencies of our country, after months of investigation, testimony and every other means at their disposal comes forth and lists all the lies, obfuscations, blundering and incompetence that has taken place, then in essence tells us they cannot prosecute “stupid”. Yet we all know if it were any of us non-royals who had committed such treasons acts there would be no hesitation to unceremoniously lock us up.

What are we to do?! Nothing? I know if there was a protest scheduled it would be impossible for most of us to even get there because we have lives to live, not to mention the costs that we would have to incur. Many at this point are even concerned if not fearful of putting our names on a petition for fear of some repercussions.

What then?

“What if you could protest right where you are regardless of where that might be across this great nation?”

What if at noon on Sunday, September 11, 2016, you just walk to the middle of the street wherever you are and stand there for three minutes and by doing so silently voice how offended you are by the way political leaders have refused to hold Mrs. Clinton responsible for her actions.

Even if the pandering press refuses to cover such an event, wouldn’t it give you some personal satisfaction knowing that you did SOMETHING!?

If you agree share this note with everyone everywhere across the country and let’s make it an event.

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