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Fri, May 24

Letter: Hillary’s Putin connection

I noted some very excited left-wingers reporting Trump/Putin connections tonight.

Funny, when the Panama Papers came out several months back, very little was reported on the Clinton connections with Russia and Putin.

Russia’s biggest bank is Sberbank. Its majority stockholder is Russia’s Central Bank, making it an arm of the Kremlin. Ruled by Putin, it’s the Kremlin’s official financial institution used for money laundering and supporting clandestine Russian intelligence operations. It uses some 50 offices abroad, most senior staffers being former Russian intelligence officers, for cover.

The Washington D.C. lobbyists for Sberbank are The Podesta Group. CEO Tony Podesta founded it with brother John Podesta in 1998. John was President Clinton’s chief of staff, next counselor to President Obama and now chief architect of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Brother Tony is the big money bundler for the same. Should they succeed, they will be rewarded with high positions by Hillary. John was a speaker for Hillary at the DNC convention opening night.

Call me a little obsessive-compulsive, but were I running for President of the United States, the LAST people I would want running my campaign/bundling money for it would be the lobbyists for Vladimir Putin. Putin launders much of the money in three big businesses in the Caymans. And again, the Podestas are lobbyists for him there also, although they try hiding it.

Ties to foreign governments hostile to our country is not new to the Clintons. When Bill Clinton was in office, their ties to the Chinese military caused China to obtain ballistic missile technology.

And there were the multiple millions illegally funneled to Bill Clinton from Asia, often through Arkansas buddy Charlie Trie. Oddly, just yesterday we learned Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng, who funneled illegally $1 million to Clinton’s campaign but evaded congressional investigators for years, will now be investigated. Seng is here on another charge – bribing a UN official.

Don’t be surprised if the liberal press misses this story also.

Linda Athens



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