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Mon, March 18

Letter: We’ve turned our back on God

America has turned its back on God’s declared laws. We as God’s people are sitting back and doing nothing while our country and freedoms are being taken away. We have an election soon for a new leader. The Democratic Party for 2017 wants to continue Obama policies, health care, new gun laws, climate change, shut down coal mining, oil and gas drilling. Hillary Clinton is backed by George Soros and New World Order advocates.

On April 23, Hillary Clinton in a speech stated “Religious beliefs must be changed by government force if necessary” (Women’s World Summit). Her honesty is much in doubt. Your complete control is what the government wants.

We the people were first registered with our government through Social Security. God’s people fought against it because of Bible prophecy.

The first cards stated: “For Social Security purposes, not for identification.” I still have my original.

We are now going to be fitted with a computer chip in your right hand or forehead (middle of 2017). It’s for your safety and security, of course. Sounds great doesn’t it?

No more missing children or other people as they will be able to track you by satellite. It does however have a problem.

If you swear allegiance to the government body through it, you will be rejected by God. It’s also the “Mark of the Beast”. Know your party’s plans for the future, but vote.

It may be your last chance for voting for a free America.

I pray that God will forgive us for what we have allowed to happen to the greatest country on Earth.

Donald L. Caesar



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