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Mon, Jan. 27

Letter: Advice & Aid Pregnancy Center shines a light for teens

I would like to respond to the letter written by Aleeta Stamn that was published on Sept. 29. It is hard to know where to begin since her letter about “Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center shouldn’t be allowed in classrooms” had almost no evidence to support her allegations. But I will start with the allegation that “crisis pregnancy centers” tell “desperate, frightened girls and women” that “abortion causes cancer.”

I invite the reader to go to the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute website and read about the link between induced abortion and the increase in breast cancer risk. On a table entitled “Epidemiologic Studies: Induced Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk,” 74 studies are cited with links to each study. Out of the 74, 59 studies show a positive correlation between induced abortion and increased breast cancer risk. The site also gives you a detailed, scientific explanation of the physical reason for the increased cancer risk.

Ms. Stamn also claims the Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center is “non-medical,” while implying that abortion clinics are staffed by medical professionals who only have your best interests at heart. When the Texas legislature passed some common-sense standards for medical clinics in the state, the abortion clinics could not meet those requirements, such as hallways large enough to allow a gurney access to the procedure rooms or the abortionist to have admitting privileges to a nearby hospital in case something went wrong. Abortion clinics are conducting an invasive medical procedure, whereas “crisis pregnancy centers” are not. I am sure the ultrasounds provided at the clinic are conducted by a medical professional, but you do not need a medical professional to show you how to change a diaper.

My own personal experience with a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas showed the clinic to be negligent in that they berated a young pregnant woman who did not want an abortion and only wanted the free prenatal care which they said they provided. After several months, only after the threat of a lawsuit, did they provide access to a doctor. Recent news about abortion clinics selling baby parts for profit might explain why these clinics push abortion so vehemently.

I think our children deserve to know ALL the facts. God bless the Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center and I hope the Kingman public schools will continue to let the center shine a light for our teens in a culture obsessed with death.

Joanne Wilson


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