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Mon, Jan. 20

Undocumented or illegal, it means the same

Hard as I have tried to keep politics out of my writing, sometimes you just have to say something. First, I would like to say that I do not consider myself to be a racist, no matter how far you stretch the word. I am probably even a bit more progressive than most my age. However, I can't seem to keep my mouth shut on this one.

I will start with the word "Undocumented."

My dictionary defines it as "Someone who lives or works in another country when they do not have the legal right to do so." Now you may prefer to use the word illegal instead, but the bottom line is, they did not get prior permission, nor did they attempt to do so. Unlike the many others who went through the proper channels and did what the law required them to do.

While the country watched this influx of undocumented persons, we took the high road and chose to ignore the fact that they were breaking the law. As I previously wrote, we instead provided them with everything they needed to make their lives more comfortable. Nearly fifty years ago while they began providing bilingual teachers, the federal government said that "all" school children should be allowed to learn in their own language.

This did not only apply to Spanish speaking children, but to ALL children. If the schools did not provide this, the Feds just threatened to hold back money! Interestingly enough, I do not recall any teachers being required for any other language.

During the years that these 15,000,000 or so undocumented people came over, the federal government AGAIN provided more perks.

Soon, all government buildings had a phone system that included a number to push for Spanish, as well as providing ALL the paper work to be English/Spanish. At no time do I recall that the Feds even suggested that any of these undocumented persons be "On the path to citizenship."

Recently we have been told that we should no longer refer to them as " Illegals", but instead, "undocumented immigrants." After all, we are told, " did not most of our ancestors come to this country as immigrants?"

Indeed I know mine did. Because I can see my grandparents names on the documents that were made allowing them to come!

So now, thanks to all the hand-holding by our government leaders, they are not only HERE TO STAY, but now they have RIGHTS as well. Easily seen by those who protest while carrying the MEXICAN flag! These must truly be the ones who are only interested in getting on the path to citizenship. Right!

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