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Mon, Jan. 20

Letter: More on Advice & Aid Pregnancy Center

I’m writing in response to the December 1 letter by Joanne Wilson, in which she attempts to defend the presence of Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center volunteers in local classrooms.

First of all, anyone who is interested in the truth about these organizations should Google “Crisis pregnancy centers, sanctions, fake clinics.”

Of additional interest are the many states that have found it necessary to pass laws to counteract the harmful misinformation unsuspecting girls and women are subjected to through these heavily religious non-medical anti-abortion groups.

In keeping with this agenda Ms. Wilson made the universally debunked claim that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer by quoting the website of Joel Brind, who stands at odds to the entire legitimate medical community in maintaining that this imaginary link exists.

She also praised the pointless, prohibitively expensive demands by Texas lawmakers (shot down by the Supreme Court) that required women’s clinics to become hospital-level surgical centers in order to perform a procedure that is safer than a tonsillectomy, and continued to promote the discredited myth that Planned Parenthood clinics “sell baby parts.”

Planned Parenthood has been cleared of this charge by numerous Republican-led investigations.

Parents are entitled to know when their children are being exposed to a deceptive religious agenda.

I urge everyone with children in local public schools to research this issue thoroughly, and to contact school officials to make sure no further visits from this group are planned.

Aleeta Stamn


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