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Tue, Jan. 28

Mirror, mirror on the wall ... who's the vainest of them all?

I must admit, it is pretty difficult NOT to keep up with Kardashians. From the Hollywood news to the world news, we are keeping up with those folks, like it or not. Personally, I don't give a flying patoot about any one of them. Why would I? But then again, I don't even Tweet! I leave the tweeting to the birds outside my backyard.

In case you have not noticed, that family looks different nearly every time they appear on television. I swear the last time I saw Kloe, she was on “The Talk.” I like “The Talk”. However, it appeared that Ms. Kloe could barely sit down! When they showed the side view, it scared me for a moment. Good Lord! What has happened to her rear end? Has the enlarged fanny become chic? Used to be, we tried to make it appear smaller. I have been sheltered too long, I think.

These days, a full mouth has become trendy. Not the mouth so much, but the oversized lips! Some of them look like they can no longer close their mouths. Personally, I think full mouths are attractive on most women. Providing they acquired them through heredity and not so much paid lip fattening.

I won't deny that there was a time in MY live that I would have loved to have some work done. A little nip and tuck makes a woman feel better, sometimes. Nothing wrong with that. So long as you stay within some kind of boundaries. One famous lady who shall remain nameless, (married to Kurt Russell) has had so much work done, I think her eyes are now approaching the top of her head! Turning 70 was just more than she could stand.

Is it just because there are so many haters in the world that famous people feel the need to continue this practice of inflating and deflating their bodies? Is it just because they feel that their beauty is their ONLY talent? I believe the latter may be true. Their fans on social media are relentless! They actually believe that these people owe them something. If they cut their hair and the fans think it looks like crap, they will not hesitate to make their feelings known. And they truly believe that their opinions matter!

I know I should probably not make fun of people under any circumstances. However, I would like to see them do something a little more positive with some of that money, I think. Not that I am jealous, mind you. It just makes me wonder about some peoples’ priorities. Actually, kind of sad in a way. To be fearful of growing old and showing it.

Sadly, we (not so much us old people) have become everyone's judge. Not only can we put out hurtful comments in a heartbeat, but they can be seen by more people in a minute than we could have ever imagined.

I have to give a lot of credit to Robert Redford, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I recently saw photos of them on television. They have obviously chosen to "grow old gracefully." Both of them wearing a speedo was a little unexpected. More power to them! The same can be said for Clint Eastwood. He's old! These guys are out there, and don't give a hoot who sees them in their current state. They don't look 40 anymore. They are not supposed to!

So maybe it is the women who are the vainest. Or maybe they just have better eyesight. Who knows?

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