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Fri, Dec. 06

Letter: The desperate democrats are just incensed

The latest reported CIA findings are that the Russians hacked/leaked embarrassing emails of Democrat Party officials and top Clinton aide John Podesta to help Donald Trump win the election. Doing my own research some months back, I discovered John Podesta (with a history of dirty dealings) himself works for the Russians, helping them launder money in the Cayman Islands.

Seen that anywhere in the mainstream media?

And of course, there’s no way of knowing if there were leaked e-mails, or that it would have affected the outcome of the election, so huge was the Electoral College vote for Trump.

But that’s not all that is going on.

So incensed are the Dems that Hillary lost, so unable to accept the loss that they are still trying to find a way to make her POTUS anyway

For instance, in collusion with Hillary, there are/were the Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin re-counts.

There was also a campaign to pressure Republican Electoral College electors to either withhold their December 19 votes or cast them for Hillary instead.

Another campaign is contacting state attorneys general to request electors be enjoined from the voting until formal investigations into Russian hacking are concluded. That could take forever, of course, and could end with no determination of how hacked e-mails even affected the election. It would cause confusion, which is their end game plan to begin with.

Many on the left are pushing for, not only nationwide, but worldwide protests on January 20, 2017.

And The Huffington Post is citing a 1995 case where the U.S. Supreme court let stand a ruling that threw out a Pennsylvania state senatorial election after massive fraud was found. The opponent took his seat.

Huffpo, that isn’t going to happen, but you and the other malcontents, dream on.

Meanwhile, the steamroller now known as Trump, president-elect, is moving at breakneck speed and already wearing out the people around him who are half his age with his work schedule as he is making appointments right and left.

And so far, every last pick is putting a bigger smile on my face.

I’m feeling very good about being an American these days.

Linda Athens


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