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Mon, July 15

Letter: Trump has no ulterior motives

As this year rolls to its end, the high note on Nov. 8 is still the music that lulls me to sleep at night.

The extent of “backroom” politics that has begat the likes of Hillary, Obama, Romney – “the peanut farmer” has watered down respect and standing of our president and country and its leadership as a champion of freedom and peace on Earth.

The infighting between our two political parties (the others are well-meaning but powerless and waste important choices in close contests between the other two, a protest at best) try to pick from the list of candidates that they can control, often not in the best interest of our future.

Many good people have tried to run but could not get by the “controllers,” the party bosses, who way too often make choices for politicians who are in their pocket that defy and defile what our founders fought and died for.

I was a manager for 10 years at a very successful business, then established and owned my own business for 30 years, selling it to retire eight years ago.

When you can survive making good decisions as the leader, supporting those who work for you and your community, you have an important quality to “lead.”

When Donald Trump decided to take his leadership knowledge, lightyears beyond mine, and offer it to our country to get us out of a horrible rut, he chose to come in at the top. He decided to tell it like it is, put aside his making billions and he, to the great chagrin of the party bosses and controllers, took the failing, dying Republican Party out of the manipulating hands and sold himself to the public, us, and offered to apply the talent that made him rich for our benefit with no ulterior motive, and we went for it.

So did the nation on Nov. 8!

I am bursting with pride for Mohave County Arizona’s record vote in quantity and quality – almost 75 percent for our next president.

If my letter writing in support influenced anyone even a tiny bit, thank you!

We will prosper!

Garry “GV” Saylor

Golden Valley


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