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Sat, Jan. 18

It's hard to keep up with technology these days

I am the first to admit that I may be what some consider electronically challenged. Indeed, I no longer even have a cell phone. I had one for a while, but alas, it was taken away for non-use.

I remember first learning to use the computer. My mother (rest her beautiful soul) thought I was a genius! Of course, mother probably thought a electric typewriter was high tech. If memory serves me, it was pretty much a word processor back then. Many years behind communicating with people on line.

It has become very difficult to keep up with all the advances in communication these days. I don't know exactly what an "App" is. I do know that some people use many app's, and this keeps them plugged in to many different things. Having a lot of app's must be important. Right? Some how I am managing to muddle through, with no app's at all. Imagine that!

Remember when people all owned watches? I notice that if I am out somewhere and need to ask someone for the time, that is no longer an easy task. (I do forget my watch on occasion.) They use a clock on their cell phone. This often requires them to search through purses, and several pockets. Just to help me out. I hate when that happens, as they always seem to be annoyed. I know they must be thinking, "Where is your damn cell phone, lady?" A couple of Christmases ago I sent a beautiful bracelet/watch to one of my nieces. She was about twenty-two years old I think. When she called to thank me she said, "I have never had a watch before" She had used the clock on her cell since she was a teenager.

While on a recent adventure of cleaning out one of my closets, I happened upon a recording devise for the television. It is actually a large piece of equipment that is used to play both tapes and DVD's. Sadly, the directions that my son gave me are still taped on the top of the player. I admit it, I never did figure it out. But then again I still have to ask Sister to find the T.V. Guide channel for me.

There was a time, when I still had to work for a living, that I received free cable. I was an apartment manager and we always got it free as a courtesy from the cable companies. I seem to recall getting the "platinum" package at one point. I was pretty happy when I found out all the really cool movie channels I would get, free. That was until the technician handed me the remote! It looked like some kind of gadget used to fly a plane! I think I knew then that I would always prefer things "simple."

All I want for Christmas is a Bunn. The magic coffee maker that makes the coffee in about two minutes flat! It has been around for many years, and I once owned one. I know that all the coffee makers now have clocks that you can set, that will make the coffee at a certain time every morning. But, when you no longer have to get up for work, who knows what time to set it for? I was actually quite surprised to notice on one of my Walmart trips that the coffee maker was exactly the same price it was twenty years ago. I was a bit suspicious at first, but then realized it is the price of the coffee that has sky rocketed! You may not have noticed that the coffee can ( wait a moment) I guess I should call it a coffee container. It stopped coming in a can a while back. Now barely holds a pound, but the price actually has stayed the same as when it was just about three pounds. It appears that the coffee maker people and the coffee grounds people may have some kind of conspiracy going on.

I often call things by the name that I remember everyone called them. I still say "cream rinse" for what my kids say is "hair conditioner." "Read the label Mom. It say's conditioner." ( I think most hair stuff is called hair product, anyway.) A lot of things are just not around anymore, and the younger generation would not even recognize what they were used for. Sister and I never used a dishwasher. We lived in several places that actually had a dishwasher, but just ended up using it to store large pots and pans. When their are only two people to clean up after, do you know how long it would take to get a load big enough to turn it on? We have been asked on more than one occasion, "How do you wash dishes without a dishwasher?" Something we learned in the olden days. It involves a bit of soapy water in the kitchen sink!

Why do they call a CD an album? That is not an album! An album is a large record, that you play on a record player! Why is a tick-tac-toe symbol called a hash-tag? Does that mean we play hash-tag and not tic-tac-toe?

My kids have offered to get me a lap top computer. Why would I want one of those? If I want to compute, I go into my bedroom and sit down in front of the computer. They have also mentioned that I may be one of the few fossils left still using AOL I think it is the most user friendly, and this user needs a computer program that really understands my lack of computer savvy..

Moving right along, I also got a digital camera a few months ago. This was not my first digital camera. I actually CAN take pictures and get them on the computer. My old camera finally bit the dust. I knew I would not need help with this. The problem is, I had not anticipated that I just may not be able to SEE in the picture side well enough to take the pictures. Even with my glasses, it was a stretch. I was just tired of directing all the other people with phone/cameras on which pictures they should take at our family get together's. Not only could I barely see well enough to take the pictures, but low and behold my dinosaur computer would not accept the disk that had to be downloaded in order to transfer the photos. (I sound very high tech, at this moment, don't I ?)

I suppose I could catch up with a lot of technology if I chose to. But then again I have to ask myself, why? I still like talking to people on my land line, and actually hearing their voices. I am not crazy about listening to people in the grocery store having conversations with a gadget stuck in their ear. It still looks to me as though they are talking to themselves. I wonder how they managed to finish a shopping trip by themselves in the old days, without calling for back up.

In a nut shell..I will not likely ever walk into a pole while talking or texting. I will never regret posting a nude photo of myself on insta-gram. I will probably not fall in love with some guy in Nigeria, whom I met while trolling the internet. (Who would have probably just been after that three dollar raise I have coming, anyway.) Add to that, I will never panic at leaving my phone somewhere after I have put my whole life into it from bank information, to very private messages. So all in all, even though I live in an age where nearly everything is done electronically, I will just continue to do many things the old fashioned way, and leave the rest to those who are much more skilled than yours truly...

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