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Mon, March 18

Letter: The dismantling of America

For eighteen months, the world listened to Donald Trump peddle his brand of hatred and bigotry. For eighteen long, long months, we heard him say outrageous things that should have disqualified him from holding any public office.

America stood by and listened to him insult women, our veterans, Hispanics and blacks, our military and our country. He has divided this nation like it has never been divided before. The consequence to his hateful words and actions, however, was not disqualification, but to be elected president of the United States.

Now, we are shocked that hate crimes are on the rise? I suppose the mindset of those who send racist messages and try to intimidate minorities is that if the president-elect can say these kind of things and not be reprimanded, we should be allowed to say them, too. These people have taken their cue from Donald Trump. He has opened the door to hate, insults, vulgarity, and racism and put fear back into the hearts of minorities.

To add insult to injury, he has incorporated a racist, anti-Semitic, and controversial white nationalist into his presidential cabinet as his Chief Strategist. And the reason for this is... what? To instill more fear? To divide this nation even more? To show the world that he can do he wants? To let the world know, even though he is a narcissistic blow-hard who now has “unshackled” power, that he will use it however he wishes, without consequence? Trump knows that the GOP will back his every action, no matter what. They have allowed him to spread his hatred with little criticism. After all, it was Trump that brought the House, the Senate, and the White House back to the GOP, so they will kiss his ring, and bow to his every demand.

Trump’s cabinet picks are extreme examples of where our country is headed. I half expect him to appoint Alex Jones and David Duke to some capacity within his cabinet.

The dismantling of America has just begun.

Lori Gabriel-Dane


The dismantling of America has just begun.

Lori Gabriel-Dane


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