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Fri, Oct. 18

The myth of Clinton winning the popular vote

I have already grown weary of the sore loser liberals claiming Hillary won the popular vote, therefore she really won the election. Let's hit the truth button here.

First, had it been the other way around, they would be extolling the virtues of the Electoral College.

Second, Donald Trump followed the rules. You don't get to change the rules after the fact to make your candidate a winner. Hillary lost, fair and square.

Listen up, sore losers. Here's how it works. Donald Trump campaigned to win the Electoral college because that is how the election laws work. Had the winner been decided by the popular vote, he would have campaigned more in California/New York type states, filled with liberals. He won the election by following the rules.

On to voter fraud, an area the Democrats rule in. Examples, the dead regularly vote in Chicago. California gave driver's licenses to illegals last Spring 2016 while Obama explained to illegals it was safe for them to vote in the election.

Studies of the 2008 and 2010 elections show significant numbers of illegals did vote. Possibly taking the illegal votes out of both California and New York in this 2016 election, Hillary just might not have had the big popular vote victories there she thinks she had. . We don't know but we do know a lot of illegals voted and no doubt they voted for Hillary. God knows, her and Obama worked hard enough to get the illegal vote. Too bad she didn't work that hard to get the electoral votes. Trump did.

Then there are the uncounted votes in some states where if the number of uncounted ballots is less than the victory margin, they don't count those ballots. That means, we don't know what the actual popular vote totals were. Most tend to be absentee ballots which usually favor Republicans . Again, had all been counted, Trump could have won the popular vote.

Also what must be factored in is voter suppression done by the liberals. Case in point. California had no Republican candidate for Senate due to a passed initiative that had the two highest vote getters in an open primary facing off in the general. Republicans were actually denied a candidate on the ballot. Since most Republicans figured California would go to Hillary in the POTUS race and they had no Senate candidate to even vote for, many just stayed home. Had they voted, Trump would undoubtedly have had many more votes which also could have changed Hillary's lead in the popular vote.

Anyway you cut it, we don't really know what the actual popular vote showed legally.

What we do know is that out of 3141 counties, Trump won 3084 and Hillary only won 57. That means Trump won the popular vote in 3084 counties and Hillary only won the popular vote in 57 counties. Trump trounced her big time. Do you libs get it now. If Hillary were declared winner of the popular vote, she would only have won the popular vote in 57 out of 3141 counties. Perhaps you can understand the Electoral College a little better now, accept Trump's big win following the election laws we live under and stop your disruptions and whining.

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