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Tue, April 23

Letter: Mexico, U.S. car companies will pay for wall Arizona needs

I just did a search on U.S. cars being built in Mexico. The results were disgusting. It seems every one of the big three have taken the top of their lines and many, if not most of their cars, and left our country to manufacture their cars. A 35% tarif00f and a 6% surcharge payable by Mexico will pay for the wall in no time.

Not just car but any product made by a U.S. company should pay this surcharge for prior agreements. Let’s care about us and our workers. This policy should include all countries (surcharge %?) not just Mexico (but it will pay for the wall).

I realize that U.S. trade agreements are only a part of the problem. Companies and unions must work together.

The auto and printers’ union and corps have destroyed both industries for the American worker.

It’s my hope that we can learn from our past mistakes but support Trump and his new administration in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

John G. Kirby Sr.



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