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Tue, July 16

Letter: Trump has a failed foreign policy already

President-elect Donald Trump has not been sworn into office yet, but he still managed to anger China and Iran. By taking a planned call from the leader of Taiwan (set up by Bob Dole), Trump had little regard for the U.S./China “One China” policy that has been in place for almost 40 years. Then Trump criticized China for their negative response to that call. As for Iran, Trump has vowed to dismantle the nuclear Iran deal, and Iran has vowed NOT to let Trump get away with that.

Then there’s Trump’s cabinet picks. He vowed to “drain the swamp” in Washington and, in doing so, he has created a swamp of his very own. His cabinet picks include billionaires, bankers, conspiracy theorists, and known bigots. Do you honestly think these billionaires, bankers and bigots will care what happens to the middle-class? They had no regard for us in 2007 when their greed got the better of them and they literally robbed the poor and the middle class and caused a major recession Then, even though Ben Carson admitted he would not want to jeopardize Trump’s presidency by accepting a cabinet post because he had no experience in heading any kind of federal agency, Trump went ahead and appointed the good doctor to head H.U.D. anyway. And Dr. Ben Carson accepted that post. But this shouldn’t matter to those American people who voted for Trump. After all, Trump has no experience at leading a country or any political, foreign, or protocol experience, and he won the presidency.

Then, at the taxpayers’ expense, we will have to pay for Secret Service security at both the White House and Trump Towers because Melania wants her son to finish out his school year. Really?

And let’s not forget that Trump still refuses to show his tax returns, and still hasn’t given up his “conflict-of-interest” businesses.

If Trump is causing all these problems BEFORE he is sworn in, God only knows what’s in store for us during the next four years (unless Trump is impeached before his term is up). I do believe we are headed down a treacherous road.

Lori Gabriel-Dane



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