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Sat, May 25

Letter: Airport needs more tenants so let’s get rid of the bureaucrats

The front page of Dec. 12’s paper was a breath of fresh air for the people of Mohave County, not just the City of Kingman. But to allow Dave French and Bob Riley to throw a damp rag on the possibilities of getting the airport to be an asset to the county and the State of Arizona.

Since I moved here two years ago, the airport and its current management has left a lot to be desired. The city needs to get a buy-in from the state, county and city government to see that something positive happens at this airport. Not let it sit as a parking lot for unused aircraft.

The constant bickering on what is not being done at the airport is obvious. Do I care that Mr. French was on a hunting trip? No. I do care as to what he is doing to encourage more tenants in the industrial side of the airport and go forward to expand the potential. To expound on all the barriers, the can’t do this, can’t do that is a smoke screen for the current administration of the airport. I hope the people of Kingman see through this and insist that the county and state take a more active role in doing something to create jobs and opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

We should be more optimistic and positive in our dealings and less demeaning as Mr. French and Riley are.

Our elected congressmen and our senators can, with the aid of the new administration, reduce a lot of the red tape, believe me. President-elect Trump will drain the swamp by reducing the amount of regulations and bureaucrats that stop progress. Give it a change and get some qualified people to talk to these people who are interested in doing something for Mohave County, Kingman and the State of Arizona.

We missed out on Tesla. Do we want this to slip out of our hands because the FAA and current administration thinks it can’t be done? I say give it a go and tell French to go back to hunting.

Rocco DiConza



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