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Wed, March 20

Letter: About Law and Order

The idea of law and order is a huge subject to write about but I’ll tackle the subject according to the Bible. Biblically there are three types of law: moral law, ceremonial law and civil law and these three laws are just laws.

The moral law is in reference to the Ten Commandments. Ceremonial law is in reference to festivals. Civil law is in reference to keeping order among the people. When God created humankind beginning with Adam and Eve, God instituted marriage for people to raise families and the idea of government to keep order among the people.

The entire Bible is all about law and gospel and God’s word and God has not changed His word. The original intent stands firm and the people will be held accountable for their thoughts, desires, words and deeds. However, since human nature is a duality – saint and sinner simultaneously – people have changed their outlook on rules to live as pagans and secularists. The definition of the word pagan is defined as a heathen; one who is without religion or one who worships false gods; an idolater. A secularist is someone who believes that religion should be excluded from government and education. Considering there is so much diversity in this country the three types of laws are ignored – that is to say people refuse to acknowledge their original intent.

As I stated in previous writings, a government is to keep order and to protect God’s general moral law in civic matters and the church is to promote an understanding of the law and gospel and the word of God.

My sole purpose for writing about law and order is to point out that the moral law has not changed since Adam and Eve but the ceremonial and civil laws have changed. As I see it the just laws have been rewritten to become unjust laws. People today are experiencing unjust laws and nothing is being done to return to the original intent.

The religious holidays have become pagan holidays and the civil laws have become unjust laws. God’s moral law has been replaced with immoral laws. All this diversity that we experience today goes back to our human nature, our duality and the fact that for every goodness in this life there is a counterpart or polar opposite that is evil. In other words, our virtues have been replaced with vices. Our faith replaced with doubt. Our love replaced with hate. Our hope replaced with despair. Our peace replaced with war. Our trust replaced with distrust.

As I have been taught attending church, God is the author of all that is good and, Satan is the author of all that is evil and all of the diversity in the world.

As I see it, considering what is happening, people are not only experiencing unjust laws, they are experiencing the government ignoring the Constitution and the Supreme Court is allowing unjust laws to prevail.

Johannes E. Johannsen



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