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Fri, May 24

Letter: Man did not evolve

Have you ever wondered before our fire and spear-throwing age how we survived?

We can’t hear very well, run very fast, smell very good. We have to clothe ourselves in the winter. We have no claws or fangs. We didn’t live in trees and we were too big to hide under a rock.

So where was man during this period of our history, when all the other live-saving special traits were being handed out by evolution?

We must have been at the back of the line and the only thing left was the big brain. Even if we became geniuses overnight, it wouldn’t have helped outrunning that lion. And what happened to the fur? Did evolution leave us naked so we could clothe ourselves during those cold winters?

Nah, evolution doesn’t work for man. We were planted here and protected by something until we reached that fire and spear-throwing age.

Ted Holcomb



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