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Tue, Oct. 22

Column: Advice & Aid tells teens God loves them

The playbook is always the same. Establish an orthodoxy – could be evolution or the environment or even abortion. Stamp out all the heresy – no funding or publishing for contrary opinions. Declare the matter settled – all adherents are the entire “legitimate” community; all heretics are flat-earther Neanderthals. Repeat as necessary. But, as Thomas Sowell is fond of saying, you may be entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. Which brings us to the Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center and the question of whether they should be allowed in our schools.

Any Google search which includes the words “fake clinics” is bound to bring up all of the bad apples known to be out there. But who decides what is “fake” and what is not? And I’m sure that the number of legitimate clinics far exceeds those that are “fake.” Is there a link between abortion and breast cancer? I’m not a biochemist, so I don’t know. But the scientific explanation, found on the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute website, of why there might be a link was compelling. Any early termination of the pregnancy, natural or unnatural, causes the same thing. And, contrary to what some people would have you believe, Planned Parenthood has not been absolved of the charges of illegally selling aborted baby parts for profit. Those that get all their news from the mainstream media might not know that on Tuesday, Senator Chuck Grassley, committee chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to the FBI and the Department of Justice formally referring four Planned Parenthood organizations and three organ procurement companies for criminal prosecution. Hardly a “discredited myth.” Unfortunately, we don’t expect much to happen until the Department of Injustice is returned to the Department of Justice. A tall order for president-elect Trump.

The question, though, is whether a community services group should be banned from our public schools solely because said group professes a biblical worldview. The First Amendment and the Constitution say NO. Congress cannot establish a religion, nor can it pass a law which prohibits the free exercise of religion. Period. All other powers to regulate in this area are vested in the sovereign states or in the people of the United States. This “wall of separation” between church and state was created out of thin air by our court system. And, until we begin removing the judges that create law instead of interpreting the law, we will continue to lose our religious liberties. The religious liberty of people who happen to work for the government has already been decimated. The courts are now busy trying to deny religious liberty to private businesses. And our children are the ones who suffer from this folly.

So where do you want your teenager to go for advice? Should they seek someone who sees nothing wrong with dismembering an unborn baby limb from limb as long as the mutilation takes place inside the womb with the mother’s permission? Someone who tells them that if it feels good do it? Do you think this person even knows right from wrong?

Or, do you want them to seek someone who tells them that God loves them? That no matter what they might have done, if they are willing to turn to Him, He will help them and they do not have to face their problems alone? Culture of death or the amazing reality of life with our Lord, Jesus Christ. That’s an easy choice to make.

We choose life!

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