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Fri, Jan. 17

Editorial: A pill for what ails the Council

Is the City Council schizo?

Councilmembers pleading poverty has become so common, I sometimes find myself thinking of an organ grinder cranking out music while our elected officials prance around in uniforms, holding out cups for us to put coins in.

The constant hustling for our coins and the need for doing so sounds legitimate, but then the Council will do something schizo, like spending money it (supposedly) doesn't have to pay overtime to employees who earn $20,000 more than the average salary in town.

"These (police) lieutenants knew this was part of the job when they took it," Councilman Kenneth Dean said prior to the 4-2 vote last week to do away with common sense. Dean, the newest member of the Council, joined Jen Miles in voting in opposition.

Too bad we couldn't get another member of the Council to take their meds before the meeting.

And then there's this gem regarding the city's effort at adding a 1-cent excise tax on fuel purchases. The Council can't do that without a partnership with county government, and "there is no way supervisors will add any new tax increases whatsoever," City Manager John Dougherty told the Council after visiting with County Administrator Mike Hendrix.

Forget the schizo drugs. All we need to do is give the Council the same stuff the supervisors are taking.


I think I do a pretty good Bernie Sanders impression. It doesn't rock like my Mr. Ed "Wiiiilllllbuuuur!" does, but given the passage of time, fewer people think I'm unbalanced when I imitate Sanders. Probably about 70 percent of the people out there have never even heard of Mr. Ed.

My Bernie goes something like this: "Critics of my 'Medicare for all' plan are being disingenuous when they say I will raise taxes. What they don't say is that people won't have to pay for health insurance any longer."

Sounds too good to be true, right?

No, it doesn't even pass that test.

There are all kinds of people out here who get their health insurance through their work. I've often wondered if I would come out ahead or behind if I bought my own insurance, paid for with the money my employer no longer spends on my health insurance and instead puts in my paychecks.

Under Bernie's plan it doesn't matter. He's going to take away my health insurance and raise my taxes, while also raising taxes on my employer. And in return we'll be enrolled in a health care machine so inefficient it can't even set up a $600 million user-friendly website.

I suspect Sanders would be disingenuous if he claimed otherwise.

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