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Sun, Aug. 25

Beyond the Mainstream Media: Vicious Attacks on Rubio Unfounded

Carefully listening to and watching the Feb. 6 Republican debate, as I have done for each Republican debate, I was struck by the attacks on Sen. Marco Rubio by the extremely overweight New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Not only was Christie's eating out of control, so was his mouth last week.

Rather than making any cogent points, Christie's attacks were vicious and personal, causing him to come across as a big, out of control bully. Already referring to Rubio as the boy in the bubble the prior week, Christie's big problem seemed to be that Rubio had memorized a few sentences and was so stupid he just repeated them over and over because he knew nothing else. And, Christie added, Rubio was too young and inexperienced to be POTUS.

In fact, Rubio is nearly the same age as Ted Cruz but with no question about the legality of his run since our Founders original intent was that both parents be either natural born or naturalized citizens. Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban-born father who had become a Canadian citizen.

Rubio has an understanding of ISIS and our Middle East problems and how to handle them, which includes his knowledge of their Biblical meaning like no other candidate I have heard except for Dr. Ben Carson.

So intelligent, knowledgeable and thoughtful were Rubio's other answers, my Cruz-supporting Texas family is now throwing their support behind Rubio.

During the debate, Rubio first responded to Christie with facts - facts that Christie simply denied. My own fact check showed Rubio was exactly right.

So Rubio made a quick decision to do two things. First, follow Reagan's 11th Commandment and second, to push the real reason he joined this race in the first place. Rubio wants to educate people on the fact that Obama, rather than being stupid as many running seem to think, knows exactly what he is doing and we are running out of time to stop him.

That "something" is to change America into looking like so many failed European socialist countries or worse, like the false utopia taught Obama by his terrorist friends, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn; his mentor, Communist Frank Marshall Davis; topped off with his Saul Alinsky community organizer training. This is the same Alinsky training Hillary Clinton studied and switched to ... from being a Goldwater Girl.

Four times Rubio made the point that what Obama is doing to America is not accidental. It's purposed, by careful design. Good for Rubio because NO ONE else in the Republican party is making it, nor have those Republicans put into office four years ago to expressly fight those Obama policies pushed back on them nor promoted alternatives to them.

Imagine my surprise when Megyn Kelly upbraided Rubio's performance, looping his Obama remarks over and over interspersed with remarks that Rubio had done so badly, he might be finished. Other channels joined in to this non-event and soon, you felt like Rubio had bombed a van of babies in a Mother's Day parade.

Oddly, Trump made the same remarks hundreds of times over many months. "I'm going to build a wall. It'll have a big door. Mexico will pay for it ... I'm going to make America great again ... yada, yada, yada" and yet, I don't recall Megyn or others even pointing that out.

Nor have they pointed out that Bernie Sanders is a Communist and Communism has been responsible for at least 100 million deaths worldwide (The Black Book of Communism) and caused more fear, poverty, suffering and death worldwide than any other cause. So much does Sanders love communism, he and his wife honeymooned in both Russia and Cuba.

That a Democrat running for president of the United States is a longtime communist SHOULD be something the pundits talk about. But they don't. They call him a democrat-socialist or a progressive, something college students, thanks to 1960s lefties now being professors on our campuses, now believe is actually something good. God help us all!

And then ... Hillary. Where do you even begin? The dozens of Arkansas shenanigans that would have sent normal people to prison? More recently, her being complicit with Obama in taking down the Arab street governments which has resulted in thousands of deaths, too often those deaths being to innocent Christians. And then there is Benghazi and her leaving our people in that Libyan hellhole to suffer and die.

Now Hillary is in the news for using a private server for her e-mails and other secretary of state business. The e-mails contained classified information, some of it classified above top secret because it included names of people covertly helping the U.S. All this information could be hacked by foreign, non-friendly governments and frankly, probably already have been, putting people in grave danger. Our people. Today, we learn, 30 people were privy to everything on her server, including of course, her long time Muslim Brotherhood-following aide, Huma Abedin, who used the same server.

And then her numerous lies around this problem, like "they weren't marked confidential when they came in or went out." Except, as secretary of state, that is no answer. But when was the last time you saw anyone even ask her any substantive questions on the server in a debate?

No, they're all busy discussing silly stuff, like Marco Rubio repeating himself four times ... forget that he repeated absolute truth and nailed the real problem.

But there is something else about Marco Rubio that should be noted. He is a very moral man, a dedicated husband and father of four children who attends church with that family every week and even during the week. As many Hispanics now do, he attends a very large Baptist church on Saturday evenings but also still attends Catholic church, possibly as his parents do, on Sundays. He considers Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior and is not afraid to say so in a country that now puts down all things Christian.

He coached the football teams of his young sons, married his high school sweetheart and loves America like no other candidate I have seen. He oozes his love for a country that caused his Cuban immigrant parents to achieve their dream of owning a decent home just 10 years after their arrival here and left their children better off than they were left. He is presidential, Reaganesque and a happy warrior. Being vindictive and hateful as Christie was doesn't seem to be on his bucket list. Incidentally, Christie's kamikaze attack caused his own demise in the race. Adios stupido!

By comparison, President Obama, after 20 years in his GD America church, now attends no church with his wife and daughters. He has stated to the world we are no longer a Christian nation but then called himself a Christian although he has celebrated more Muslim holidays than Christian holidays. He was also deeply into the homosexual lifestyle in Chicago, expressly forbidden by God.

Donald Trump, the frontrunner, committed adultery on his first wife Ivana with Marla Maples, his second wife. He is now onto his third wife and a third family of children and has recently stated he never asked God for forgiveness because he didn't feel he needed any - completely contrary to the Christian religion he professes which states "for all have sinned ... and need a savior".

In my humble opinion, Marco Rubio is the breath of fresh air our bedraggled country needs. To see someone point out the goodness in our country rather than what we have done wrong - well, that alone would go a very long way in bringing us healing.

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