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Thu, Sept. 19

Beyond the Mainstream Media: "Thirteen Hours" - A True Story

The movie "Thirteen Hours" has debuted. It's not about D.C., nor does it mention the real reason Hillary Clinton had glommed onto Benghazi in the first place - Obama and Hillary's gunrunning operation out of Libya via Turkey, then on to Syrian rebels. We learn further down the road that the same rebels were not vetted, and good luck trying to figure out whose side they were on.

This great assistance from Obama and Clinton has helped Syria grow into the disaster it is today, including the displacement and deaths of tens of thousands of Syrian Christians.

It was to be Hillary's crowning achievement, arming Syrian rebels with weapons scooped up in Libya after she and Obama had helped to bring complete chaos to the Arab Street. But they had no understanding that middle-of-the-road dictators can be worked with easier than, for instance, Obama and Hillary's friends, the Muslim Brotherhood.

No matter. In Hillary's mind, this was the lead-up to her coronation as the first woman president. She had waited so many years, had had it snatched from her once, and now her turn in the history books was coming up.

Left out also was the Libyan ship, Al Entisar, docked in the Turkish port of Iskenderun and carrying 400 tons of the likes of rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and shoulder-launched surface to air missiles destined for those Syrian rebels only 35 miles away. The captain would later tell the Times of London the Muslim Brotherhood and free Syrian Army fought over those arms Obama and Hillary were trying to get to Syria.

Hillary had directed Ambassador Chris Stevens to go to Benghazi on Sept. 10, 2012, for five days in spite of the upcoming 9-11 anniversary, a date often used by Muslims to attack again. His supposed-to-be-secret visit that Libya based extremists learned about included a very unusual meeting with General Ali Sait Akin, a Turkish diplomat. They were to negotiate the weapons transfer and control an already spiraling out of control situation, that being that Islamic extremists were aware of these weapons flowing freely in Libya and they wanted them.

At 9:40 p.m., Libyan rebels organized and launched an armed attack at Benghazi with the same sort of weapons that were on the Al Entisar.

And that is what the movie "Thirteen Hours" is about. This is the true story of what actually happened to our people at Benghazi by those brave men who were there and lived to tell about it. And the telling includes the non-response they received to their repeated requests for help. Not even so much as a jet flyover request was honored which would have at least scared the enemy. Oh, pilots were in their planes waiting, desperately wanting to go, but were never sent.

It's as simple as this. We abandoned our own people. Clinton could not afford Americans finding out what was really behind Benghazi, so our men were simply sacrificed.

Several alternative stories were bandied about and the Islamic video story few had even heard of was picked. Clinton and Obama wasted another 70,000 taxpayer dollars to make sure Pakistan was aware of it and cause a diversion. Then Hillary and Obama repeated the lie to the families of the dead, right next to their coffins as they arrived back in the U.S.

"Thirteen Hours" should be required viewing, as surely as our military made the townspeople in Weimar, Germany, and others near death camp towns parade through Buchenwald, Ohrdrey and Dachau to personally view the wagon loads of skin and bone corpses and the rest of the Third Reich atrocities and carnage left behind. One mayor and his wife went home and committed suicide, but all too many simply said "we didn't know".

Americans need to know the truth about Benghazi, if for no other reason, the fact that the two people behind the tragedy of Benghazi are a sitting POTUS and one who would like to be. This movie shows the truth ... by those who lived through it ... with no political ax to grind.

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