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Tue, Oct. 15

Guest Column: Race has nothing to do with Bravo's legal situation

In regards to the May 29 front page article claiming courts and police are unfair with the attempted murder charge:

I'm sick and tired of hearing excuses for criminals and people crying discrimination when they or one of their family members commit crimes. These kids were charged with crimes - nowhere did I see or read anything about their race, creed or color come into question.

These kids aren't being charged because they are part Native-American and part Hispanic, they are charged with crimes they (allegedly) committed. According to the Miner, Ms. Nunez turned her own son in and collected the Silent Witness reward to help support her and her kids, which some of the nine still live at home.

Melanie Nunez claims her son is being treated unfairly because of "the Bravo name." The Bravo name didn't get a bad rep all by itself, it got a bad name from all the people with that name who have committed crimes and got in trouble with the law.

Answer me this, was Samuel the first "Bravo" (besides Veronica) to get in trouble with the law? It really doesn't matter either way as it has no bearing on what Samuel did. If his name was Smith or Jones and he was Caucasian he would be just as guilty.

I am naturally biased against the Bravo and Carlton name because it was my daughter that Veronica Bravo and Ray Carlton so brutally murdered. But to hear Ms. Nunez trying to blame the courts and the law because her son is a Bravo and part Native American and part Hispanic is just plain nonsense, and I for one am sick of hearing that excuse.

Melanie, accept that what your son allegedly did was wrong. According to police information reported in the Kingman Daily Miner, he broke into someone's house, injured her dog's leg, abducted her and made her withdraw funds from an ATM at gunpoint, and then discharged a firearm at the victim.

He has no one to blame but himself. Being a minority is no excuse, coming from a bad family is no excuse. The parents and the kids/criminals need to take responsibility for what they have done.

If you don't want your kids going to prison then teach them right from wrong.

I will never forget what happened to my daughter, and waking up Sunday morning to read this article and see Bravo and Carlton's picture on the front page made me sick. They have nothing to do with what Samuel did, there was no reason to bring them up again. Let Samuel stand on his own two feet and take what's coming to him.

If he was tough enough to take a weapon and do what he did, then he should be tough enough to accept the consequences for his actions, regardless of race or his name. Maybe he can learn from his mistakes.

Note: Samuel Bravo, Andrew Granados and Ashlin Whitesinger await trial for crimes alleged to have been committed as part of a Jan. 29 home invasion.

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