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Sun, Aug. 25

Guest Column: Does black matter more than blue?

As more and more men and women in blue are targeted, I've grown weary of hearing Hillary and Obama and liberal TV speak as if the "Black Lives Matter" followers are even close to being equal with those in blue. They aren't as long as they affiliate with BLM, a newly founded group with deep roots in the 1960's hating whites groups.

Black Lives Matter was founded by militant feminist Alicia Garza with the help of Patrisse Cullors and Opel Tometi. Their inspiration was convicted cop killer Assata Shakur (aka Joanne Deborah Chesimard - radical feminist and Marxist revolutionary).

Shakur was serving a life sentence for murdering N.J. State Trooper Werner Foerster point blank when he was doing a routine traffic stop. She escaped in 1979 with the help of the Black Liberation Army, was granted asylum in Cuba where she remains in spite of efforts to extradite her. She's got a $2 million bounty on her head. At one point she worked to create a separatist black-ruled country in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina. And this is the woman many in the Black Lives Matter movement lionize.

This murder was the culmination of years of being a radical in which she joined, then left the Black Panther Party as it was not violent enough. She then joined the Black Liberation Army responsible for bombings and assassinations throughout the '70s, including taking the lives of 13 police officers. The Black Liberation Army also supported the Weather Underground, America's first terrorist cult responsible for bombings targeting the U.S. Capitol, Pentagon, Truman Library and many others.

Some may recall some of its leaders, including Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the couple who launched Barack Obama into politics with a "meet and greet" in their Chicago Hyde Park living room. In fact, Ayers penned one of Obama's books.

Obama has had Black Lives Matter representatives to the White House. I don't find that amusing.

Michelle Obama knows Bernadine Dohrn from working at the Sidley and Austin Law firm in Chicago where Dohrn also worked. That's right, the Ayers couple escaped prosecution just like Hillary this week. While on the run during their bombing years, they had two children they named Muslim names, Zayd and Malik. And now, Ayers is a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Mrs. Ayers is an associate professor of law at Northwestern. That should make your blood run cold.

And it's long past time for the establishment media to keep giving this organization positive coverage. While some may be unaware of the radical beginnings of this group, all too many are very aware of it.

All lives matter. That includes the men and women in blue. It should be known, Hillary Clinton has promised to help Black Lives Matter upon her election.

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