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10:48 AM Sun, Feb. 17th

Guest Column: A common-sense suggestion: Be aware

New laws, and old, don't keep people from breaking them

Let's use the logic of Kingman resident Lori Gabriel-Dane from her letter in the June 29 Miner titled, "How many deaths will be enough?"

In the same newspaper issue that Lori's article ran, there were a couple of stories involving adults and children perishing in terrible accidents. One involved an assault truck barreling down the wrong way of the freeway. The assault truck, most likely with an extended gas tank, crashed into another vehicle and someone died because of this mishap.

The government should make common-sense truck laws not allowing trucks larger than the smallest cars to be on the freeway. Also, there should be common-sense laws not allowing people to drive on the wrong side of the freeway.

The next story in the paper was very tragic. (In no way am I making light of this severely tragic accident. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of the loss of this beautiful young girl who was taken from us way to soon.) As I remember the story, an assault boat, that was much too big for the small water ways in our area, crashed into a much smaller Seadoo.

This assault boat, most likely with an extended anchor rope, injured two people and killed the young teenager.

The government needs to enact common-sense boating laws making large assault boats illegal on small waterways. As I recall, the driver of the assault boat had allegedly been boating while intoxicated. We need common-sense laws making boating-while-intoxicated illegal.

One more instance of needing more laws, I personally know of three people who while riding motorcycles, had an assault vehicle, with extended front bumpers, turn left in front of these riders, with each rider being killed in the aftermath (in the past few years, on Kingman city streets).

We need common-sense laws making left hand turns illegal. If you need to go left, then you go to the next block, make a right turn, to the next block, right turn, then one more right turn and you will come to the point were you started, only to go straight across, not turning left in front of poor, innocent motorcycle riders. Also, the government needs to make common-sense car laws making cars no bigger that the largest motorcycle.

Using Lori's logic, we would be inundated with many stupid laws. Plus, there are volumes of laws already out there making it illegal to drive on the wrong side of the road, boating while intoxicated, and turning left in front of oncoming traffic.

No. Lori, more laws will not make a person follow the old laws, let alone follow the new ones. We need to be forever watchful for ourselves, hoping and praying that we will not fall prey to the evils that other can, and will, inflict on us.

By the way, the "Orlando shooter" bought his firearm legally. It was the government who failed to stop him when the gun store owner did the mandatory background check, as he was on 2-3 different watch lists. And, the Sandy Hook shooter stole the firearm from his mother, thus more laws would not have stopped him.

Well-worn but appropriate cliché: The best defense from a bad guy with a gun is several good guys with guns.