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Thu, April 25

Beyond the Mainstream Media: June 12, 2016 - Fifty Killed by Home-Grown Jihadist And Obama's Shameful Refugee Policy

As Americans' minds reel at the carnage in Florida left by one lone Muslim whose allegiance was to ISIS, President Obama's comments show he is still unwilling to say Islamic jihadist or anything close.

He did manage to get out the word "terrorist," but is still worlds away from declaring war on ISIS and loosing the military to do their job and wipe these monsters from the face of the earth before more follow suit.

For Obama, this still just appears to be local law breaking.

And, as always, Obama blamed the guns, not the shooter, as if banned guns would have prevented this. In fact, this monster Omar Mateen undoubtedly knew there would be no guns in the club and probably timed his deed with the fact it is Ramadan and Islam teaches to wage jihad during Ramadan is of the highest order.

My heart is broken for my beloved country, for the families involved and for those still recovering after being grievously injured.

One would think, since this is not our first rodeo with either home grown terrorists (Boston Marathon, Ft. Hood, etc.) from within or Muslim attacks from without, Obama, as the president and protector of America, would do all he could to protect us from both.

On the first, that would have to include allowing authorities to monitor suspect mosques in America. He won't.

And the second includes who he is allowing in. The Gatestone Institute has shown that Obama has basically escalated a policy that has totally abandoned Middle East Christians while exposing Americans to the possibility of more "jihads" on our own soil.

How so? First, humanitarianism is the reason used to bring refugees here in the first place and Christians are the most persecuted group in the Middle East along with the Yazidis. From genocide, being forced to renounce their Christianity or die, to rapes, to 400 Syrian Christian churches being destroyed, they have faced unimaginable suffering. They should be the first refugees brought here with the added bonus that they share the religion our country was founded on. In other words, Middle East Christians would be a much better fit.

But what should be, what would make perfect sense, is a far cry from the reality Obama has set up.

At the end of 2015, 97 percent of Syrian refugees accepted here were Sunni Muslims, the same sect as ISIS. Less than one-half percent were Christian. It's even worse now. In May alone, 499 Syrian refugees were admitted; 99 percent being Sunni Muslims and 1 percent simply listed as Muslim. None were Christians.

In fact, Sunni's are not being slaughtered, beheaded or raped as are Christians in the Middle East, because their faith is identical to ISIS. Not only are their mosques not being burned, they are in fact themselves, even when not identifying with ISIS, committing atrocities against Christian minorities every month throughout the Muslim world. And when they arrive in America, they still believe they have arrived in the land of the "infidels."

And authorities admit, they are aware of "operatives" slipping in with the torrent of Sunni's coming here. So why oh why are we bringing them here? Because that is who Obama has decided to bring here, in spite of them not being persecuted in the Middle East. This is more Obama insanity.

Syrian Christians (persecuted) make up 10 percent of the Syrian population but represent only 5 percent of refugees coming here while Sunni Muslims (not persecuted) make up 74 percent of Syria's population, yet make up 99 percent of refugees we receive.

The UN refugee agency (pro-Muslim of course) tries to explain that Christians in refugee camps don't register so are left out. In fact, Sunni's in those same camps regularly persecute and even kill the Christians in their midst, at one point throwing 53 Christians overboard during a Mediterranean crossing while shouting allahu akbar.

We need to stop taking in the persecutors of the Christians.

Barack Obama was raised a Sunni Muslim in the most Muslim country on earth - Indonesia. When it was brought up that preference should be given to Christian minorities, he called that proposal "shameful."

"That's not American, not who we are" he continued, then loftily added, "We don't have religious tests to our compassion."

I have a few questions for Obama. How would he even know who Americans are? After spending his formative years in Indonesia under a Sunni Muslim step-father and non-Christian, America-hating mother, he was mentored in Hawaii by a practicing Communist, went to Pakistan with his gay boyfriend before ever touching U.S. mainland soil in his late teens. By his own admission, he aligned himself with rabble rousers, communists and malcontents, then sat 20 years in a church dominated by hate whitey and hate America preaching and on to have that pastor marry he and Michelle.

His great claim to fame, a community organizer who taught not-too-intelligent Chicagoans on how to commit voter fraud, then became involved in ACORN and their voter fraud, finally serving as their attorney.

Does this sound like a normal American upbringing? Again I ask, how would Obama even understand what an American is all about? The answer is, he doesn't.

Obama is driven by narcissism and far left ideology. He sides with his Muslim childhood over America's Christian founding, and has a hatred for whites because of England's involvement in Kenya, the country his drunken, polygamist father was from.

Quite frankly, Obama has no clue.


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