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Thu, April 25

Letter: Making room for the wrong refugees

President Obama's inappropriate response to the Orlando slaughters (blamed the guns, not the shooter and refused to compare this homegrown jihadist attack with others in our country, among others) isn't the only inappropriate behavior he has shown.

Immediately following the Orlando slaughter, he called for more Sunni refugees to be put on a fast track into our country. Sunnis are not persecuted. Rather, it is Sunnis who persecute Syrian Christians even as they await help in refugee camps. And ISIS is comprised of Sunnis.

Refugee status actually means needing help for humanitarian reasons. Syrian Christians, being beheaded, raped, tortured, mutilated, kidnapped, crucified, their 400 Syrian Christian churches destroyed, completely fit the humanitarian criteria. Sunni Muslims do not. However, Sunni's are the ones Obama makes sure arrive in America. The Sunni Muslim religion was taught to Obama in his youth in Indonesia.

There's more. Obama's Iranian nuclear deal and western appeasement, lending a strange legitimacy to Iran while making Israel's existence even more precarious, has emboldened the Iran Mullahs. As a result, they are now committing mass hangings (977 in 2015) in the public square. In fact, 82 percent of all hangings in the region, per expert Dr. Majid Rafijadek of the Harvard International Review are now done in Iran.

There is no due process; a Muslim cleric may simply declare "enmity with Allah" and the person is hung. That includes women and children, a violation of international law. Recently, 16 were hung in one day, including a 16-year-old. Kurdish civil rights workers have been among the victims. This keeps the people fearful of uprising and the mullahs remain in power.

There is no public outcry from Obama; not a word about the hangings of women and children from candidate Clinton. Obama's too busy finding ways to blame everyone but Islamic jihad and sharia law for this evil, and she's too busy raking in millions from Muslim countries via the suspect Clinton Foundation for her presidential run.

The ignorance of all too many Americans to dig deep for truth, including the true meaning of our Constitution, and liberal professors teaching lies on campuses have been but two factors in bringing us to this tipping point. If we lose America, there is nowhere else to go.

A good start would be to put a moratorium on those coming here who have no love nor understanding of our way of life and who have no intention of melding in; once a requirement to come here.

Linda Athens



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