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Tue, July 16


One thing that can always be guaranteed is that Herr Trump and his Brownshirt brigade will lie when it comes to Mrs. Clinton in an attempt to mislead the intellectually challenged. Of course, anyone with a modicum of common sense knows full well that lying is indicative of a person who cannot be trusted to ever hold public office. And to short-circuit the usual suspects who may appear here repeating the lies of Herr Trump, this will be a discourse of the facts.

LIE ONE - Herr Trump stated that Ambassador to Libya Christopher Steven, "was left helpless to die as Hillary Clinton soundly slept in her bed." The Truth - Evidence proves, conclusively, that Mrs. Clinton was notified in the afternoon (Washington time) and remained fully engaged in the immediate response continuing late into the night. Congressional investigations (you know, those GOP'er witch-hunts) concluded that the government and Mrs. Clinton's response to the attack were appropriate.

LIE TWO - Herr Trump lied when he made the claim that Mrs. Clinton, while Secretary of State, "accepted $58,000 in jewelry from the government of Brunei."

The Truth - What Herr Trump failed to mention (or was possibly too stupid to understand) that the gift was accepted on behalf of the United States and was, according to the State Department's Chief of Protocol, transferred to General Services Administration and pointed out that, "non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to the donor and to the United States of America."

LIE THREE - In some curious way, and with no proof, Herr Trump decided that Mrs. Clinton, "Wants to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to settle Middle Eastern refugees in the United States." The Truth - For this fiscal year the total refugee budget was $1.6 billion, so it is highly unlikely that Mrs. Clinton would add "hundreds of billions of dollars" to that amount.

LIE FOUR - Herr Trump lied when he said stated that the U.S. "trade deficit soared 40 percent during Mrs Clinton's time as Secretary of State." The Truth - The trade deficit with China went up by only 17 percent and trade does not fall under the State Department but under the Commerce Department.

LIE FOUR - Herr Trump, once again using his own convoluted logic, declared that Mrs Clinton was responsible for the, "disastrous strategy of announcing our departure from Iraq." The Truth - The date of departure of our troops from Iraq was set by that idiot Bush kid and President Obama, in keeping with the kid's promise and his own, kept the departure date. Mrs. Clinton had nothing whatsoever to with that decision.

LIE FIVE - Herr Trump blatantly lied when he said Mrs. Clinton, "would end virtually all immigrant enforcement and thus create totally open borders for our nation." The Truth - Mrs. Clinton has supported a Senate immigration bill that would have created a path to citizenship for those here illegally AND would also have provided for large investments in border security.

LIE SIX - Herr Trump lied when he stated that Mrs. Clinton's private server, "was easily hacked by foreign governments." The Truth - It's true that attempts to hack that server were made, however there is no evidence as to whom the hackers were nor were they successful.

LIE SEVEN - Herr Trump once again spewed trash when he stated that Mrs. Clinton, "approved the transfer of 20 percent of America's uranium holding to Russia." The Truth - The transfer was approved by a Treasury Department committee and did not include Mrs. Clinton.

LIE EIGHT - Herr Trump described NAFTA as, "Bill Clinton's disastrous and totally disastrous NAFTA." The Truth - NAFTA was signed by yet another of the ever useless Bush clan in 1992. The concept of NAFTA was first pushed by Ronald the Dim and Congress gave him the authority to pursue such an agreement. The father of the idiot kid pushed hard to "fast track" ratification and the signing of the agreement before he left office.

LIE NINE - Herr Trump has claimed, many times, that he was opposed to the Iraq War, "before the war ever started." The Truth: Massive amounts of research have been unable to confirm Herr Trump's erroneous statement.

There is a great danger in believing anything Herr Trump has to say on any subject, and voting for him would be one of the stupidest things anyone could do in their entire lives.


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