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Tue, March 26

Trump: Reagan without the charm (Letter)

As I sat and watched the votes pile up on CNN I harkened back to 2012 when I drove around Golden Valley and Kingman with signs touting Trump as the guy who could right the "ship" of state. In my "garage sale in a storefront" called Nothin' New Shop (closed) on Highway 68, I collected signatures on a petition asking Donald Trump to run. I did not get a lot because; A, he didn't declare; and B, he was either "too arrogant" or "not presidential looking." I tried to sell the idea that he was Ronald Reagan without the charm, a leader-protector and with business and people skills beyond any in the last 60 years (my teens to date).

Mr. Romney got the nod - a nice man, like John McCain, who had tried to step up to qualify for the position, but neither convinced the public that they out-qualified the fellow who in the two terms he won by default has gone (almost) into history (my considered opinion) as the worst president we have ever endured and made Jimmy Carter look good! With the Republicans stumbling through those two terms and the Democrats juggling Hillary Clinton, who couldn't keep her hubby in check and a socialist (what does the third letter stand for in USSR), you can almost hear fiddle music! (Rome burning?)

Listen to Donald Trump! He has his ducks in a row. He will bring back production and jobs and replace Obamacare with something better. He will abolish the unneeded departments of government, return rights to the states, because he is a brilliant businessman. He will make our decimated military strong and well-equipped. Nobody owns him! He does not answer to super PACs, he is self-funded and has friends who get things done that will help him, not politicians who are the bane of our system. Mr. Trump will "Make America Great Again," better than ever! I'm sure!

Garry "G.V." Saylor

Golden Valley


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