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Fri, April 26

A time of great change in history (Letter)

Our government will make America great again. That sounds great, but it won't happen. Why? May 14, 1948, Israel was back as a state as Isiah had predicted 2,500 years ago. The greatest miracle of modern times. The Jewish people are home after nearly 2,000 years. The prophetic clock of God begins ticking to the final countdown. God's word states, "This generation shall not pass until all is completed," (Age of Grace). With 68 years gone, how much time do we have left? What has America done since 1948? Under President Kennedy's watch, school prayer was removed. Then in 1973, Roe vs. Wade, followed in 1980 by sex education in schools.

Our government is pushing for a "new world order" and has been for many years. The last eight years have torn America apart, open borders and barnyard morals, along with unpayable debt.

We are close to one world government and one world religion. How soon? It's not for us to know.

What does the Bible say will happen in the end time? Changes in weather patterns, increased earthquakes in various places, unrest in governments and the people, extreme violence, drugs and sexual immorality. A global depression will be followed by a cashless society, a mark (computer chip) will be placed in your right hand or forehead and you won't be able to work or buy without it. Jesus says he will return in a time of "great learning." You don't believe it? Pick up the Bible and read it. K.J.V. Our country was founded on it.

Something of interest not from the Bible, but from the Catholic Church available on the computer: "Prophecy of the Popes."

Donald L. Caesar



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