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Fri, April 19

A poor welcome while traveling through Kingman (Guest Column)

Evan Downs of McMinnville, Ore., suits up before the next leg of the ride. (AARON RICCA/Miner)

Evan Downs of McMinnville, Ore., suits up before the next leg of the ride. (AARON RICCA/Miner)

Hi. I'm writing in response to the most disrespectful, rude, and yes, dangerous treatment shown to the riders, Run For The Wall participants.

No escort into and through the city of Kingman, to get their pre-planned meal. I'd like to copy and paste portions of our dear friend's daily log. See here:

We numbered about 150 in the platoons, we had 16 in ours, plus myself, Irish, Goofy and G-Man. By now the Ambassadors and Advance team were 30 miles down the road ahead of us. Off we went in a somewhat ragged start. The only thing that cooperated was the weather. It was a little chilly, but warmed up nicely as we headed out into the eastern California desert. Most important was no rain in the forecast.

We followed Interstate 40 for the next 425 miles. We staged for lunch in Kingman, Arizona, where we ran into our first snag. For whatever reason, there was some unknown friction between our LEO liaison and their police department. No one seems to know who got sour milk in their post toasties; however, the result was that we would have no traffic assistance entering their town, that we could not use our own internal and extremely competent road guards and were specifically told that each rider would have to approach each stop, fully stop, both feet down, prior to continuing through the intersection or receive a citation.

At any traffic light, anyone entering the intersection on a yellow or red would be stopped and receive a citation. The Kingman traffic motor officer sergeant even stopped at the freeway off ramp and threatened our LEO liaison with jail if he "put one foot onto the pavement in an attempt to direct traffic."

We were astonished.

As the Run approached the off ramp and proceeded to the traffic light, which was red, about two-thirds of the riders were stopped on the right lane of the interstate with feet down, waiting to get off the freeway. Traffic on the freeway backed up and brakes were heard to the rear. It took three-quarters of an hour of this foolishness to proceed through town to our lunch stop a half mile from the freeway.

Traffic in town came to complete gridlock. Normally we would negotiate this in several minutes with no assistance from the town. To ensure compliance, the Kingman Police Department stationed a motor officer or a traffic car at each intersection to watch, never getting off of or out of their vehicles. This was the most disrespectful and irresponsible act I have witnessed in years, or ever.

Lunch was donated and served by a local veterans group. Unfortunately, with the delay in traffic, we were rushed, mad, and rattled from our experience in the traffic and from the town and didn't get back on the road until well after our scheduled time. Remember, we were being followed less than an hour by about 400 riders in the Central Route. Sour note to a great day. I had to write about it because I am still ripped.

I am an American citizen who remembers and honors those who have served.


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