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Fri, Dec. 13

Letter: Lesser of two evils

I sometimes worry about Trump in the White House but the thought of Clinton as POTUS petrifies me. With the proven lies and wheeling and dealing, not to mention the backroom deals the woman has done that we know nothing about, I’m afraid even four years of Clinton and it would take America decades if not hundreds of years to correct.

If the mainstream media reported half the truths on Hillary that they do Trump lies, outside of radical left wing Democrats she wouldn’t get a thousand votes.

Trump is rude and crude but he’s running because he loves America, plus he understands he doesn’t have all the answers but he’s smart enough to put the best and brightest around him that does. After all, how do you think he became a billionaire?

Clinton is running because she feels she’s “entitled” and if you think that missing six billion was something, well folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

One last piece of information. Hillary keeps calling Putin “Trump’s buddy.” Well don’t forget, Clinton is the one who arranged for Putin to get 20 percent (that’s twenty percent!) of America’s uranium when she was secretary of State.

Tell me again who’s buddy-buddy with whom?

Little side note. Does anyone who watched the last debate realize Hillary Clinton released TOP SECRET MILITARY INFORMATION that affects our national safety on national television?

Now tell me again who’s best suited for the White House.

Steve Turnblom


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