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Sun, May 26

Letter: Several sets of laws

In a country based on the rule of law, a country founded on the principle all citizens are equal under the law, a country that fought to gain its independence from Dear Old England; a monarchy with royalty, upper class, middle class, and lower class all living under different sets of rules and laws; can the rule of law in America survive a Clinton win?

The FBI director, by admitting on national TV they had all the proof they needed to indict and convict (no intent needed under the laws that were broken) Hillary Clinton of just her email security violations, something a four star general could be looking at 5 years in prison for of a much lesser offense than what HR Clinton did, says to the world America no longer is a country where all its citizens live under one set of laws; it says we have two or more sets of laws. The fix was in to not indict Clinton and it was in to make sure she and she alone was going to be the Democrat nominee. No one else had a chance because it was rigged from the start. The leaked DNC emails proved that. The secret AG meeting with Bill C. one week before the director’s speech and the now exposed close ties Comey and the AG have with the Clinton’s tell us the investigation too was rigged.

A Clinton win will effectively end the United States of America as we know it. Something else will emerge. What that is I have no idea, but it will no longer be based on the rule of law. When the people see how some people, depending on whom they are or who they know, are exempt from the same laws that put others in prison, will they have any respect for any laws we have? A Clinton win opens the door to chaos and anarchy. One day the sun shines nice and bright on America, on the next it looks dull and lifeless.

Can America survive as one nation undivided under a Clinton win or will it set the table for talks of secession or something even worse? I’m not the most religious person around but you can bet I’m praying the other guy wins to hopefully save us from ourselves and maybe, just maybe, begins to drain the corrupt swamp in Washington DC. We, the people, need to see we still live under one set of laws for all.

Bob Morrow

Proud Kingman/American Deplorable


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