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Fri, April 19

Letter: Context needed

With reference to the opinion letter of Oct. 9 regarding the police shootings, there are a few things that the writer did not take into consideration.

These police shootings are much more publicized than ever before. Most of the people that are involved are troubled people, a lot are raised by one parent family where that parent has to work to keep a roof over their heads. This leaves the child open to falling in with the wrong crowd and getting into trouble.

The morals, what is left of them, are almost non-existent with today’s young people. They have no respect for themselves much less for our law enforcement. And the use of drugs that come across our open borders simply compounds the situation.

Our law enforcement has come under siege from many left leaning groups that want a “gentler, more compassionate” law enforcement department. That kind of thinking will get more people killed as those on drugs feel indestructible. Many of the shootings that accrue come from people not listening or obeying the instructions of the officer that they encounter or the civilian brandishes a weapon in which case the officer has to assume the weapon will be used against them.

Our law enforcement community has lost officers to a violent section of society such as BLM and others of the same obscure beliefs. Is it any wonder why an officer may be leery of certain people?

The best thing we can do if stopped by law enforcement is obey their commands and above all, be respectful to them. Keep your hands in plain sight of the officer. If you carry concealed, let the officer know. Remember, 99.9 percent of our law enforcement personnel are there to make life better for our community so please give them the respect they deserve. They are there for our well-being.

Shirley Mathe



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