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Thu, Jan. 23

Letter: Proud to stand for the flag

I am writing in response to two articles I recently read in the Kingman Daily Miner on Oct. 25.

(1) – “Disrespect for the Flag Insults All of Us” by Jack Hommel: Your article brought me to tears. Outstanding writing and education for others to read. I admire you, and totally agree with you.

I wonder how any people realize just what the American flag means. Maybe these people should get online and find out! For a mother and daughter to make statements like: “… It is complete brainwashing,” “I won’t stand for it anymore.” “It was just like 20 little zombies in a classroom” made me wonder if they truly understand what the American flag stands for.

Both stated they watched videos of the national anthem and pledge of allegiance protests. They watched online depictions of students being forced to stand for the pledge. I would like to know if they learned anything at school or online about the history of the American flag.

Yes, we all have the right to freedom of speech. We also have the right to educate ourselves. We are a free people because of the men and women who fought for that freedom – under the American flag. Most of us are proud Americans. Proud to stand for the pledge of allegiance!

(2) – “How to shame a 14-year-old for being more American than you” by Cody Davis. I don’t know what has been written on the Kingman Daily Miner’s Facebook account regarding the subject: “Flag Protest Comes to Kingman.” I do know that making a statement(s) like Cody Davis did (starting with his title) in the newspaper will only anger a lot more Americans! You will surely receive many more letters like mine.

Maybe you wrote your article to anger more citizens, or to encourage more debate, or you were exercising your freedom of speech. You condemned people for exercising their freedom of speech – no matter how horrific it may have been. But, you did not mention how sad, angry, and disappointed so many of us feel from reading statements like those mentioned above or by you in your article.

How could you print a headline stating, “How to Shame a 14-Year-Old for Being MORE AMERICAN THAN YOU?” Shame on YOU, Cody. Who gave you the right to say someone is MORE American than another? Not only is your headliner grammatically incorrect, it is insulting.

Proud to be an American.

Proud to pledge allegiance to the American flag.

Freedom is not free – God bless all those who have served to keep us free – under the American flag!

Kathy Haberland


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