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Mon, Jan. 20

Racism the only explanation

The “dumbing down of America” was never more evident than on election night, 2016. The election of Donald Trump as our next president is, by far, the most dangerous decision ever made by the American people. The United States, which was once viewed as the strongest and greatest nation on Earth by the rest of the world, is now the laughing-stock of the world.

We are a great nation, it’s just that our Republican Congress is crappy, and the choice of our new president was, indeed, the worst possible choice. He reeks of anger and hate. The Republicans have proven, time and again, that they are racist obstructionists. Their blatant disrepect for President Obama began even before he was sworn in. And it continued for eight long years. Now, Mitch McConnell says he and his Congress will do all they can to “swiftly” carry out Trump’s radical agenda once he takes office. The GOP despises Trump. Yet, they will bow to his every command. Why? Because his skin is white? There can be no other explanation, other than this, for them to have obstructed everything Obama tried to do to save us from the recession they put us in.

By electing Donald Trump president, you have signed, sealed, and delivered our death certificates. If not by war, then from the demise of our planet, since Trump will not fund any research for climate change. He wants to pull us out of NATO, take health insurance away from 20 million people, get rid of the restrictions on Wall Street so they can steal our money again, get rid of the EPA and the FDA, segregate certain races, and privatize Social Security, which, if the stock market crashes, so do our monthly S.S. benefits. Unfortunately, those of us who realize how dangerous Trump is and voted against him, will suffer the same dire consequences that you have inflicted upon yourselves.

You have allowed the most narcissistic maniac to become the most powerful person on Earth, and we are all at his mercy. But since he could care less about any of us, or our planet, well … kiss your children goodbye.

Lori Gabriel-Dane


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