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Fri, May 24

Letter: Millions of illegal votes

Numerous statements have been made in the Opinion section about Hillary winning the popular vote. It wouldn’t matter except there are many who don’t understand the Electoral College that is most necessary for a fair election.

Our founders, in their wisdom, understood our country would get bigger and bigger with more states being added. A popular vote would mean those running would campaign in only the populated big cities and the smaller areas would get no say in our elections. Thus, each state alone providing the results of their elections and their electoral votes is very fair.

Greg Phillips of reported yesterday they have verified 3 million votes were cast by non-citizens. This after completing an analysis of a database of 180 million voter registrations. Four million dead are on U.S. voter rolls.

And 18 states and DC require no identification to vote. This is crazy! says they are joining @TrueTheVote to initiate legal action. Again, time to drain the swamp and that includes the incredible illegalities taking place in our voting.

If even the 3 million illegals voting holds, this means Trump probably won the popular vote and would have had to have had a tremendous amount of people voting to do so.

In other words, Hillary lost BIG TIME. The Democrat party is in complete disarray – Republicans now are in control of everything.


Linda Athens



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