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Tue, April 23

Letter: Liberals are the real racist obstructionists

I have been quiet for some time now and have not sent out any response to any of the foolish letters that I have seen in our paper. Well I feel I must respond to the letter from Lori Gabriel Dane.

I have read many of her letters over the years and have, on more than one time, thought that this lady is a little extreme but I must say her rant in Friday’s paper was so far out there I found it somewhat shocking even coming from her. She says that the United States was once viewed as the strongest greatest nation.

With this I agree, and now that we are getting rid of that spineless good-for-nothing pinhead some people call a president maybe we will be again. But I digress.

Her claims of all people who are Republican are racist obstructionists and whatever she called anyone who thinks and feels different then her or her beloved party.

She has shown her true colors and that of her far left loons for what they really are. I have never called someone a racist for I do not claim to know what is in their hearts, but after reading Ms. Danes’ rant I can say that I know what is in her heart and the hearts of all that think and feel as she does. I now believe it is true hate and disgust for any opinion that is not theirs, there is no room for open debate of different opinions. She brings the liberal Democratic playbook into the light of day for all to see, and that is free speech is great as long as you agree with their side. If you don’t, well, the playbook says to scream “racist” and any other derogatory terms you can think of in hopes that you can shame the evil ones into silence.

So in closing I must say thank you, Lori, for making it so clear for all to see just who the real racist obstructionists are. If you are still not sure who they are just look in the mirror.

Donald Stultz



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