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Sun, Oct. 20

Column: Trump must force NATO countries to pay up

The KDM published a couple great letters in a recent edition, particularly that of Bob Morrow. He was concise and clear and as far as I know, accurate.

Unfortunately, the ‘other guy’ (in Morrow’s letter) has his own set of problems. I don’t know whether there are any legal issues in his background, should he get in. We’ll see.

Regarding comments made as to his plans to eventually build in the former Soviet Union: Whether he invests in construction of a Trump complex in Moscow or Kiev (or even Islamabad) isn’t important.

What is paramount though, is the way he handles relationships with the likes of Kim Jong un, Ali Khamenei, Vlad Putin and the likes.

What’s he really going to do about ISIS? Is he going to bomb them into oblivion, or confiscate all the oil wells in the north?

Or will he do both? Or neither?

What will he do about NATO? We know the U.S. and five European countries are paying at least 2 percent of their GDP toward defense. The other 22 are not.

We shouldn’t be expected to carry the load indefinitely, and Barack Obama apparently has been willing to let those delinquent countries off the hook. If anything had been tried, the current administration did a damned good job of keeping it out of the news.

Regardless, it would seem there’d a right way and a wrong way to fix that problem.

One method would be to tell the delinquent nations that they won’t see any aid coming from overseas until they’re paid up.

Another would be to force money out of them through implementation of trade barriers/negotiations, along with a threat implying the above.

The point is that we have an obligation to offer a large degree of protection, but they have an equal obligation to carry their share of the load.

“I’ve got your back, but it’s going to cost you, starting now”, or “I’ll have your back only after the defense pot is full.” I don’t think we want the latter.

Finally, the Wall. There are followers who are still saying he’ll build it and Mexico will pay for it. They dismiss President Nieto’s response, if they know what it was.

DT may not have meant his statements to be interpreted in the way they were, (literally?) but if so, that goes to show he needs advisors to whom he will listen, closely and with honest sincerity. He’s a true novice in the world of politics and statesmanship. Hopefully for this nation, he’ll choose well, listen closely and act accordingly and intelligently.

Regardless, DT is a novice at presidential politics, so assertions about such edifices should be put in context, i.e., “He’s pulling your leg, folks.”

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