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Wed, April 24

Voters in Mohave grateful for election results

President-elect Donald Trump at a campaign stop in Las Vegas last February.
Courtesy/Gage Skidmore/

President-elect Donald Trump at a campaign stop in Las Vegas last February.

KINGMAN – You’d expect nothing less than mixed emotions and the need for psychological counseling following the Nov. 8 election of Republican Donald Trump as the 45th U.S. president. It was, after all, one of the most bizarre and surreal campaigns of our lifetime.

There were messages of joy and fear, prayer groups and calls for unity by pop singers and celebrities. The website for inquiries into buying real estate in Canada crashed. Riots broke out.

The billionaire developer with the orange comb-over and potty mouth had a close call in Arizona, winning 46.6 percent of the votes, compared with 45.3 percent for his adversary, Democrat Hillary Clinton, who lost trust as a woman of the people when she demanded $225,000 to speak on college campuses and bent the rules on personal email.

The election was a blowout in Mohave County, where 58,242 voters punched Trump’s ballot and 17,455 went with Clinton. That’s better than a 3-to-1 win margin in this Republican-dominated county.

The Daily Miner took to the streets to ask people’s opinion of the election, and to no surprise, they were mostly a happy lot.

Here’s what they had to say:

Lara Iozzo, student at Mohave Community College: “Out of the two, I figured who’d be the lesser of the two evils. He (Trump) was demeaning of people, women, even different races. That has been around since the country began. I feel people are making a bigger deal than it needs to be. I liked his ideas … people being able to afford education. Some people can’t even afford to take classes here.”

Brett Dick, delivery worker for Pepsi: “Relief. It’s time for change. I voted for Trump. He was the best out of the both of them. He’s not a politician. He’s not bought off. He has his own money.”

As for negative reactions: “Bunch of crybabies. This country has become too sensitive. You didn’t see us rioting when (Barack) Obama got elected for the second time. One thing I can say is, Trump is upfront and speaks his mind, so you know who the guy is. With Hillary, you don’t know what her motives are or who she really is.”

Elaine Snyder, shopper at Tractor Supply: “I’m a little apprehensive. I voted for Trump. I felt we didn’t have too many choices. I worry about Trump. I believe in a lot of the things he believes in. His personality can be abrasive, explosive. But I think the wonderful thing is he can be altruistic. I think he’s actually a wonderful guy, but also sensitive. Like he said, a lot of it is locker room talk around the guys. Look at his daughter, the way she handles herself. He must have done something right.”

Travis Edwards, manager of Rods ’n Rides Auto Sales: “Pure joy. I believe in him. He’s a businessman. He thinks like a businessman. He’s been around the block. He’s a guy who means what he says and can put into practice what he learned over the years. I really feel he cares about our country and fellow Americans. He’s not just another politician. The vets, for one thing … that’s a sore subject for me, the VA and health care. He wants to make it available for them right away.”

On this day of giving thanks, chances are astronomical that more than 3 out of 4 Mohave County residents are grateful for President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Bob Laulo, retired school teacher: “I was very surprised that he won, but it showed that whether he’s the right man for the job or not, the people wanted change from what they’d seen going with Hillary Clinton for many years. Even back to the primary, I was very surprised at how large a percentage of the county went for Trump. I went for the guy from Texas (Ted Cruz). I feel like God is in control of the country, and whoever we elect will be used to accomplish his purpose.”

On this day of giving thanks, chances are that more than 3 out of 4 Mohave County residents are grateful for President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Not all embrace Trump.

Jennifer Catalan, student at Cal State University-Northridge: “I was shocked, and then I got over it. Quite honestly, I wasn’t comfortable at first, but now I’ve got to roll with it. I voted for Hillary just because she’s a woman, even though I didn’t support either of them. Women have to support women. I voted for Bernie (Sanders) in the primary. He was funny, and honestly, I felt like he spoke to us, our age.”


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