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Sat, Dec. 07

Letter: Let’s make ‘We the People’ mean something again

The first words in the U.S. Constitution are “We the people of the United States.” Strong and powerful words if we take them to heart. As of the first of the year we are starting a new government, and it will be up to all of us if we want this new government to be “of the people.”

Currently, we seem to have a government run by a few professional politicians, lobbyists, elite and entrenched bureaucrats, many looking strictly out for themselves.

Do we let this type of rule continue or do we want a change? It would seem that is what the people voted for – change. Really it is up to we the people.

The president can only do so much, the congress holds the purse strings and votes on legislation. They will do what they want unless they hear from us.

How many of these (our elected) politicians have written to you asking what you want? Lucky I have not held my breath! It is up to all of us to let them know what we feel is best for us and the country. We have many ways to do this: email, writing, calling and the social media. If we sit at home, or the coffee shop and just “B” about it, it will do nothing for change.

As one example: it has been mentioned by President-elect Trump and also House Leader Paul Ryan about term limits.

Do you think the congress will support this and pass such legislation?

I doubt it very much, unless they are deluged by we the people telling them we want this introduced and passed. We cannot be the silent majority if we truly want change.

The VA, IRS and many other government agencies need change. Please do not let the “elite” continue to control what happens.

Get involved and take the few minutes it takes to let your legislature know what you want!

It is our country, not just theirs! We have power – let’s use it.

Dick Penwarden

Kingman Resident

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