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Mon, Dec. 09

Letter: Gender is specified on birth certificates

Concerning the March 23 Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act that passed overwhelming in North Carolina, and which guaranteed, if you are a woman/man visiting a government or school restroom or school locker room/showers, you can be assured a right of privacy that others in the same facility, by law, will have been born your same biological sex; Chris Wallace had N.C. Governor Pat McCrory on Fox News Sunday today to discuss it.

In spite of Wallace’s goofy questions such as since you have had few problems with men who think they are women going into women’s restrooms, why not dump the law, Governor?

When Obama’s Justice Department, all in for transgender men using women’s restrooms, jumped in, McCrory asked for more time to go through all the legalities.

He was denied, given just three days to dump the law which by law itself, he cannot do alone. And the order from the Justice Department extends to the entire U.S., not just N.C.

The law defines your biological sex as what is stated on your birth certificate.

If the restroom/locker door says WOMEN, then only those with a birth certificate stating they are female should be allowed to enter. That is a reasonable expectation of 99.9 percent of our citizens.

And while it may not have been a problem in the past, to allow this to happen now means tragedies waiting to happen. Not all transgenders are out to do harm, of course, but it only takes one to ruin a young girl’s life.

This is all about protecting privacy and has nothing whatsoever to do with Jim Crow laws of the past that the transgenders are likening it to, and which, incidentally, were put into place by Democrats. I can identify myself as Adele all day long, but when I open my mouth to sing, you will definitely know I am not Adele.

Bruce Jenner can say he is Caitlin all day long also, but were we to see Bruce in the buff, we would see he is definitely still Bruce with some hormones in him and a couple of fake boobs no matter what his mind is telling him.

We need to remember, this doesn’t affect private businesses and any transgender person needing to use a restroom can certainly find somewhere else to go.

After all, they have been doing so for a very long time, they are a very small minority and to put even one little girl at risk would be a tragedy.

Since Trump said LGBTs could use any restroom on his properties they like, Bruce Jenner did just that. He used the women’s restroom in Trump Towers, took cameras with him and told a woman he met in the restroom that he hadn’t even molested her nor put items down the toilet. We’re so proud of you Bruce. I guess the big question now is, did you stand or sit; put the lid down when through?

Obama found a way to get Obamacare through. We need to speak out against this one, lest he find a way to slip it through also.

Linda Athens


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