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Tue, Oct. 22

Column: We have a situation, Mohave County

We have a really big problem where we live here in Mohave County. It’s called water. No water, no life. Pretty simple and not hard to understand.

At the water meeting, we were told that Red Lake Farms and Kingman Farms have drilled a total of 135 wells north of town, each one with the ability to pump 3000 gallons of water per minute.

Do you think, boys and girls, we could have a problem? Along with the two farms we have already, there are two more farms drilling wells as you read this: Hancock Farms and Stockton Hill Farms. It’s not hard to imagine another 100 wells pumping 3000 gallons per minute that we have a problem.

One acre foot of water is 325,851 gallons, one well running for two hours at 3000 gallons per minute will suck 360,000 gallons, over 1 acre foot of water, every two hours.

A little over two years ago a group of us met with the lawyer and a lady from Arizona Department of Water Resources. They told us the law was on the side of the farms; they could suck it dry and there was nothing ADWR could do.

Next the Board of Supervisors hired a water lawyer. He is no longer on the payroll so you can assume he found out there is nothing you can do.

The people who are farming north of town have spent millions and millions of dollars out there.

Do you think for a minute that all that money was spent out there without them knowing the law was on their side?

About 15 years ago ADWR wanted Mohave County to be part of what they call an active management area. Our leaders at that time, Tom, Pete and Buster Johnson, sat on their hands reasoning that they did not want the state telling them what to do with our water. Move forward to 2016 and we are begging the state to save our water. Good luck with that.

We know the current board members were handed this mess, so to a degree they are off the hook, but it is time they admit there is nothing that can be done and stop the dog and pony show that is passed off as a water meeting where nothing is accomplished.

Supervisor Moss said on the low side we might be out of water in 30 years. If the city and the four farms use 300,000 acre feet per year, and there are enough wells out there to do it, our 10 million acre feet of water will be gone in 30 years.

Girls and boys, we are up the creek without a paddle, so the only advice I can give you is this: if you build a new courthouse, put it in Bullhead City. There will be no water here.

One last thought: will the person that takes the last shower in Kingman turn off the lights on your way out of town?

Robert Fenwick

Long Mountain

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