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Thu, April 25

Trump by the numbers

Keeping it Straight

Keeping it Straight

The self-professed sexual assaulter and pedophile Donald Trump has made many claims about how he is the only one that can “fix” our nation. A blatant lie, but we’ve become accustomed to such trash spewing from his ugly mouth. But for those with an inability to actually do anything other than to follow a moron, perhaps some facts will point out just what a disaster it is to keep following an idiot who incites political violence, is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, birther loon, who has pledged to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. while demanding a “wall,” that would solve nothing and would not be paid for by Mexico.


Mrs. Clinton’s plan includes an expansion of middle-class tax breaks, including doubling the child tax credit. However, the very wealthy would see their tax rates jump in an effort to finally make them start carrying a fair portion of the nation’s tax burden.

The sexual assaulter wants to cut taxes across the board, which would benefit the top while negatively impacting larger families, single parents and the middle wage earners.

The figures show that under Mrs. Clinton, starting at just over $140,000 the amount owed would be an additional $100 over today’s taxes and extend to more than $800,000 for those earning about $4 million a year.

Under Trumps plan, those same tax brackets would include a lowering of taxes beginning in the $140,000 range by $5,350 and increasing to more than $1 million dollars for those showing more than $4 million.

In real dollars Clinton’s plan would lower the national debt by nearly $400 billion dollars in 202o and $1.6 trillion by 2026. Trump’s proposal would increase the national debt by $2.3 billion in 2026 and $7.2 trillion by 2026. (Figures are from the Tax Policy Center).


Includes levees, airports, drinking water, highways, bridges, rail, the electric grid, and solid waste. Repairs and upgrades total $1.8 trillion dollars to put us back at 1960 levels.

When it comes to infrastructure needs, Mrs. Clinton has proposed spending $275 billion over five years to rebuild and modernize infrastructure through tax reforms on business.

In addition, Mrs. Clinton would establish a national infrastructure bank that would provide loans, loan guarantees and additional credit for public works projects.

Trump admits our nation’s collapsing infrastructure is a “problem,” but has yet to offer any solutions or plans to correct the problem. He did say he would spend “more than twice” what Mrs. Clinton has proposed with no specifics on where those funds would come from.

Many conservative/obstructionists who insist upon following the lunatic ravings of a moron do not truly comprehend the disaster of our current infrastructure as their congressional fools have blocked every attempt by President Obama to repair our nation’s collapsing infrastructure.

What we are faced with are levees protecting homes and property that are currently rated 93 percent minimally or completely unacceptable.

Our airports are struggling with 1960s’ radar systems instead of being upgraded to satellite technology. Drinking water is a major threat because of the age of pipes, most laid following WWII, with some, such as Philadelphia, stretching back to the Civil War era.

Highways have not been upgraded in decades, making many of them incapable of handling today’s traffic. The electric grid is vulnerable to both cyber and physical attacks with more than half of the nation’s substations secured by a padlock.

Rail systems are becoming more and more gridlocked with Chicago being the nation’s largest choke point. It takes 48 hours for freight to travel between Los Angles and Chicago – followed by an additional 30 hours for that load to transit Chicago.

While Trump screams incessantly about “plots” and his victims of sexual assault being “liars,” Mrs. Clinton moves ahead with actual plans and proposals to deal with fixing the problems facing our nation. Donald Trump cannot and will not “fix” anything – however there should be a nationwide campaign of “fix” Donald Trump in order to protect our women and girls from a self-confessed serial sexual predator.


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