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Fri, Dec. 06

Letter: Trump has pulled one over on the ‘Christian Taliban’

There is almost a profound sadness exhibited in the efforts of the conservative/obstructionists as they cling, desperately, to the sinking ship of their choice to be this year’s loser in the presidential sweepstakes.

Time after time they trot out virtually impossible candidates in an ongoing attempt to continue the destruction of our nation that began with Ronald the Dim and was almost completed by that idiot Bush kid.

But each time they are thwarted by people who truly love our nation and do not want it turned into a “Christian Taliban” theocracy or sold to the Russians or the Chinese for the self-aggrandizement of a megalomaniacal fool.

Trump proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, during the first debate that he is not equipped either physically or mentally to lead our nation – or even lead an elderly woman across the street.

His performance was beyond bizarre and brings into question his use of drugs as he sniffled, coughed, waved his arms about, gulped water incessantly and by the middle of the debate fell into irrational, convoluted and obviously insane comments that bordered on the incomprehensible as his lies mounted and mounted until he became nothing more than a total joke.

And then in what has to be the most inane comment of all, he blamed his microphone for him appearing to be an idiot. There was nothing wrong with his microphone – everyone could hear plainly just exactly what kind of a moron he truly is.

His “policy” explanations, as usual, were absent.

He spent time bragging about all the sad losers who have endorsed him and even went off on an obviously scripted advertisement for one of his crappy hotels – that he probably screwed everyone from the architect to the people who installed the carpeting out of their pay.

The only people who continue to support this master conman are the pathetic, deplorable, conservative/obstructionists (odd how they take pride in being so ignorant) whose own sad, loser lives have led them to believe ours is not a great nation filled with people who see a bright and positive future beyond the gloom and doom of their own lives and the insane ranting of an anti-American fool.

Some have likened Trump to being the devil incarnate, and if so, this was the greatest trick ever pulled by the devil as he convinced bigots, misogynists and homophobes that they are patriotic Christians.

Bob Moore

Lake Havasu City Resident

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