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Tue, Oct. 15

Fact-checking Donald Trump - again

Although it means nothing – since Trump is going to lose – some fact-checking his third debate performance needs to be done.

1) Trump claimed – yet again - Mrs Clinton will do away with the Second Amendment. * The totally insane Trump has repeated this same lie over and over again without the least bit of actual knowledge. First, Mrs Clinton has made no such statement regarding the Second Amendment, 2) In order to “do away” with any Amendment (which, by the way cannot be done) action would be necessary by the House to propose a new Constitutional Amendment by two-thirds majority vote, followed by a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate. The President – in this case Mrs Clinton – has no say in the constitutional amendment process so the proposed amendment does not go to the White House. The document is forwarded to the Office of the Federal Register and the archivist notifies the governor of each state who submits it to the state legislature for potential ratification and if approved by three-fourths of the states (38 out of 50) becomes law. Another option is the convening of a Constitutional Convention, however, of the 27 current amendments none was proposed by Constitutional Convention.

2) Trump claims ISIS leaders fled Mosul because of the ineptitude of our military leaders. * Insulting our military leaders is typical of draft dodgers who never served our nation. Despite the action movie inspired scenario that we “sneak attack” enemies Trump is – as usual – wrong. According to Kurdish intelligence al-Baghdadi and military commander Aliis are still in Mosul. If they were to “escape” Mosul the area is open ground and they would be spotted on the roadways and killed – saving civilian lives. In addition over 7 million leaflets have been dropped and distributed advising civilians of the coming action so they could prepare and provide safety for their families. Trump, fundamentally, is an idiot with no concept of military operations.

3) Trump denied Trump Towers was built using undocumented Polish workers he screwed out of their pay. * The construction of Trump Towers has been well documented as being built by illegal foreign workers. The 200 Polish workers labored 12-hour shifts, seven days a week with no overtime and were paid $5 an hour or less, when they were paid at all. Some went unpaid with a few never receiving even the paltry sum owed for their work. “They were undocumented and worked ‘off the books,’” Manhattan federal Judge Charles Stewart said of the workers, subjects of a 1983 lawsuit. “No records were kept, no Social Security or other taxes were withheld.” Donald Trump built his “empire” on the backs of low paid and unpaid migrant workers.

4) Trump stated he does not know Vladimir Putin. * This ridiculous lie flies in the face of a video showing Trump stating over and over again, ““I do have a relationship with Vladimir Putin” before admiring the Russian dictator’s record as president. Obviously Trump does not understand the mutual exclusiveness of the statements, “I don’ know him” and “I have a relationship with him.”

5) Trump threatens the nation by stating his Supreme Court nominees will be Pro-Life (i.e. anti-choice) * This flies in the face of his previous statements regarding a woman’s right to make her own, personal and private, medical decisions where he stated, “I’m very pro-choice. I hate the concept of abortion. … But still, I just believe in choice.” Now he has demonstrated his innate insanity by claiming women who have abortions should be subject to, “some form of punishment."

6) Trump made the ludicrous statement, “In the ninth month you can take the baby and rip the baby right out of the womb, just prior to the birth of the baby.” * Of course anyone who actually understands the process is fully aware that the majority of abortions take place early in the pregnancy with 33% taking place in the fist six weeks, 89% taking place in the first 12weeks with only 1.2% taking place after 21 weeks. 43 states prohibit abortions after a certain point in pregnancy. So late-term abortions are already a rare procedure prohibited in much of the country.

7) Trump made the idiotic claim that $6 billion dollars went missing, either lost or stolen, during Mrs Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State * This one has been debunked dozens of times including by the Washington Post who reported Trump misunderstood (no surprise there) a 2014 management alert from the State Department IG that indicated a variety of audits showed paperwork errors for closed contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa with an emphasis that no money was missing. In addition, those audit reports showed more than two-thirds of those contracts predated Mrs Clnton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

9) Trump said “no one knows” who has hacked the United States. * A total of 17 intelligence agencies are on record stating the hacks have come from Russia, just as Mr Clinton stated. Trump lied, again.

10) Trump claims, “…thousands and thousands of Syrians are coming to the United States and there is no way to determine where they came from.” * Such an ignorant statement flies in opposition to the State department and multiple agencies tasked with vetting refugees. The State Department reports, “applicants to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program are currently subject to the highest level of security checks of any category of traveler to the United States.”

11) Trump claims he has been endorsed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the agencies support building a border wall. * As a point of law both ICE and the CBP are banned from making any political endorsements – Trump lied. In April, the head of ICE told lawmakers completely sealing the Southwest border is not effective and would not protect the United States. "[A wall] doesn't sound like it would secure anything, actually," she said.

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